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  1. Why do you have such a hard-on for hating Sanders? Its fine if you hate him, but you can't discount him like you always do. The Sanders campaign already raised $10 million in the first week ($6 million of that in the first 24 hours), and he already has roughly a million volunteers. I highly doubt Biden will do as well because Harris could only achieve a fraction of that number. Here's the honest truth; you don't know what you're talking about. You continue to run with the narrative that Sanders is second to Biden, but Biden has nothing going for him except Obama nostalgia. He has never had a message or platform other then 'vote for me because reasons.' Thats not what America is looking for. Those poll numbers supporting Biden will fade quickly whether he announces or not.

  2. You know nothing about what truly gets a candidate votes. All you do is look at RCP polls that are almost ALWAYS wrong. Your predictions are trash, you never get Florida right, and you can't expect these polls to be even remotely accurate. Seriously, when is the last time they were accurate, even by 3 points? Bernie Sanders has genuine excitement and tons of memes around him. That's one major thing that got Trump elected that no other democratic candidate has – MEMES. Also, you know how stubborn Bernie supporters are. If someone else gets the nomination, lots of Democrats will not vote or vote for Trump in strike. No other candidate has this sort of fanbase. It's Bernie or bust, and you're genuinely delusional if you think otherwise. I'll be laughing when Biden doesn't even run, Bernie gets the nomination, and your terrible predictions fail once again.

  3. I think that the race will narrow down, albeit slowly. People like John Delaney and Pete Buttigieg will drop out within a month or less of primaries. The same will slowly happen to the other candidates. Harris, Sanders, and Biden (assuming Biden runs, which is not a guarantee) will be the ones left, the most popular in their respective branches of the Democratic Party, the establishment (Biden), the left-wing (Sanders), and the in-between (Harris, and someone needs to give this in-between a name, as people are calling Kamala Harris and Cory Booker establishment trash or left-wing fakers, when they are not either). I think Biden will narrow down first, due to gaffes, and other establishment/economy-related corruption issues. Sanders and Harris will likely be the only ones left by the DNC. At that point, it is anybody's game. The DNC cheated Bernie last time, and I wouldn't count on them not doing it again, but (at least right now) Bernie is considerably more popular. Thoughts?

  4. please give some recognition to Pete buttigieg: as much of a long shot as he is, he has some great ideas and should really be a bigger part of the 2020 conversation

  5. i think the progs will drop out early when they find they cant win so as to not take from bernie, but i think harris will stay in for a while because she seems that entitled corperate type who thinks its her turn and will fight tooth and nail. and she will eat much of bidens votes. bernie will easily win if biden doesnt run, but if he does run, bernie will still probably win. considering last time.

  6. I just hope if it is Biden the bernie voters dont vote for Trump out of spite again like they did in 2016. That was a horrible thing 10% of them did and may have made the difference in those 3 rust belt states Trump carried by a razor thin margin. We cant afford another 4 years of trump, he already has had 2 SC nominations that veered the SC right, and if 1 more liberal leaves before Trump is out, the nation will be changed for a generation on the SC. To say nothing of all the other terrible consequences we will get.

  7. Let'stalkelections, Your logic is flawed bc the MORNINGCONSULT poll shows Biden supporters choose Bernie as their 2nd choice. Why don't you mention that? bc it doesn't fit your conventional wisdom narrative?

  8. Regarding the later states, It's worth noting that the AP "Called" the race for Clinton through superdelegates a day before 1/6th of the primary, disenfranchising millions who would have voted for Sanders. We will see this when California especially is voting earlier than in '16. He has wider appeal and it would be dangerous to underestimate him.

  9. You could lose an election but that doesn’t mean your legacy has gone to waste. For example, Hillary Clinton. She is one for the defining politicians not only in the United States but in the world. She’s still held in high regard by many even though she lost. That’s all I wanted to say lol.

  10. is he even running for president??.
    people kept on and on about him last election too but he didn't even throw his hat in the ring..
    Biden is just who the establishment hopes will run..but he won't do too well cos of his association

    with Obama and Hillary (there's a lot of americans who don't like either of those people) and he
    remained fairly nameless cos of those two.. i.e. 8 years of being the vice president and i didn't even hear of him until the 2016 election which means he doesn't stand out which means people aren't going to see him as bringing about the Revolution that America needs …part of the reason why people voted for trump instead of clinton was cos people want a Revolution ..they want a Real change not just someone who says they want change only to stand back and turn a blind eye to the real issues that a lot of the average americans are facing. Bernie along with some of the others not only address the issues but are trying to come up with solutions and that is what we as americans need.. Solutions…then maybe the american people can work together towards a common goal that will help ALL americans rather than just a handful of them.

  11. The only problem is that to run, he needs to give speeches and speak to actual people which he is terrible at. Not the gaffes, the fact that he is out of touch and will disregard working people and millennials like he has numerous times then he will lose.

    Edit: Also Biden isn't nearly as good an actor as Obama and if he is confronted by his past of supporting TPP, Iraq War, and the crimes bill in the 90s he cannot weasel his way out like Obama did when he was confronted for keeping the status quo. Biden would also lose to Trump in the same way Hillary did. Trump could use Obama's trade policy as well as Biden's support for TPP to attract the independents from the rust belt and win again because it is independents who decide elections, not moderate Democrats

  12. I think Biden’s chances at winning the Dem nomination is overestimated. When you look at polls that allow people to say undecided, Biden’s support falls into the teens. Biden is leading now only because of name recognition, as other candidates campaign his support may dwindle (think of Joe Lieberman 2004). You can’t assume that when some of these candidates drop out their support will go straight to Biden. Biden is prone to gaffes, and can easily offend the progressive base. Biden is still a front runner for the nomination no doubt, but to say they he will definitely win a year out from the Iowa caucus is misguided, considering the uncertainty/variability of Biden’s support (think of how quickly his support collapsed in 1988 and 2008) and without giving the other candidates a chance to get their message out there.

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