Naomi Rouse-Kugel: Vos probe a huge waste of money | Opinion

Naomi Rouse-Kugel: Vos probe a huge waste of money | Opinion

Dear Editor: Robin Vos, R-Rochester: “Wisconsin residents deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money to spend any way they choose.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I wonder how many Wisconsin voters are eager to blow our hard-earned money on Vos’s latest propaganda stunt: a probe into (unfounded) claims of voting fraud in Wisconsin’s 2020 election. He says he has no idea how much this taxpayer-funded fiasco would cost, and he obviously doesn’t care.

Make up our minds. Does he deserve to be in office? I had hoped that he wouldn’t be elected, but my disappointment is no reason to ask for a probe and expect everyone else to pay for it.

Vos doesn’t even have any idea how many people believe that (or which) election results are illegitimate. “A sizable chunk,” he said. He doesn’t mention any facts to support his (or anyone’s) fraud beliefs. He publicly stated that he accepts the election results. Doubt seeds planted by the GOP.

Vos is hiring three retired police officers to conduct the “investigation.” The officers will be overseen by an attorney and will have subpoena powers. Any subpoenas or statements in the course of this “probe” had better be made public. All of it. No pulling any Walker-secret-meetings shenanigans.

Republicans already are promoting a slew of bills that would suppress legal voting or disenfranchise voters if they became law. In Wisconsin, Republicans have ripped us off $1 billion in the last year. They don’t want any federal grant money for programs like Badgercare because it’s “welfare,” and they don’t want THAT.

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