My Final Prediction for the Georgia Senate Runoffs

My Final Prediction for the Georgia Senate Runoffs

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  1. I can’t believe anyone who even supports loeffler or Purdue. They only care about themselves, although biased to dems since that’s what I am. Unfortunately I have no say in what happens being from California

  2. it was great to see real american patriots getting up close and personal with their senators and congressmen today, reminding then of who they should be working for!!!..they should have brought ropes and guilitines!!

  3. Was 100% certain that Perdue would not win. This election was not only political, it was also a character election as well and the fact that Perdue thought that he could just skip his own debate cost him the election. Got plenty of friends near my old alma matter of Ft. Benning in Columbus that said they would have voted for Perdue if it weren't for the fact that he decided to feel that he was not going to be held accountable to the American people by attending his own debate. He must have thought that people from Georgia were stupid 🤣🤣🤣. Well it cost him the election hands down.

  4. Thank you President MORON for destroying the Republican Reptiles. Now Sleepy Joe needs to prosecute these seditious, treasonous Confederates.

  5. An interesting data point is it looks like Perdue received around 300k less votes than he did in the general election. While I assume many of those are from less voters overall, I bet a significant portion of that loss can be blamed directly on Trump

  6. Trump doesn't want Loeffler and Purdue to win, would just make him look the bigger looooser for not carrying Georgia. It took 4 years but Spanky managed to do it, lost the House, Whitehouse and just maybe the Senate. Must of grown tired of endless winning. LOL

  7. You should do 4 videos, one for each outcome, then only keep the one who seemingly have predicted the outcome. That way, people who are going to watch the video a bit later will think you're some kind of genius.
    Because when the race is so close, the outcome is basically random….

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