Mitt Romney vs Joe Biden | 2020 Election Prediction | December 16th, 2018

Mitt Romney vs Joe Biden | 2020 Election Prediction | December 16th, 2018

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  1. Mitt will Run 2020 I think the GOP will turn on Trump and get behind Mitt. They basically have no choice, and they need to do it before Christmas so that Mitt will have a shot at beating the Dems
    In November. He is the only one they have that can raise the money and he is a household name. Good looks seasoned politician. Came out against Trump early people will believe him. He can even pull some Democratic voters he would hold all the GOP votes it’s a no brainer.

  2. There's an outside chance of the Republicans abandoning Trump and giving the Republican nomination to Romney. But if this happens, then Trump would almost certainly run as an Independent. Trump would win some states as an Independent, which would be a factor in the election.

  3. Two Old Very Well-known Veterans fighting for the Highest Office.

    Romney vs. Biden. Crazy Enough, I think I Actually See this Happening in 2020. Far-fetched but I see this being a possibly. In the end, I Agree I see Biden Winning It. That's just my opinions though. Good Video Overall.

  4. Biden vs Romney….what fucking difference does it make. They're both two sides to the same coin. They're globalist puppets and this country deserves what it gets if such a scenario were to occur.

  5. It confuses me why you would put Minnesota as lean when Pennsylvania is likely. In all honesty Minnesota is a safe blue state. Klobuchar won by like 23 points and Tina Smith by 9.

  6. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Michigan, Arizona and Florida will decide the whole thing. Forget Ohio at this point. As a dem noninmee I would not even bother campaigning there at this point. The GOP is trying to limit early voting in Wisconsin to just 2 weeks. Which a system that favor dems. That may or may not make a difference in the results though.

  7. Primaries are very different from general elections. Primaries don't use winner-takes-all, several candidates could share the delegates of each state

  8. Your so biased on that opinion about trump literally trump had shit happen to him 10-20 yrs ago and literally people are over reacting about trump which is stupid once trump does his 2 terms the dems and liberals will really realize that trump did a lot better than illegal Barack Obama

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