Mitt Romney vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Republican Primary

Mitt Romney vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Republican Primary

Can Mitt Romney, the Utah Senator, overcome Donald Trump in a 2020 republican primary when his approval rating is 42%?

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  1. Absolutely no for a few states Trump would get Arkansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, Main & Nevada everything else May be right on this map but Trump had a bigger appeal than Romney did

  2. Awesome prediction, but I really feel Illinois, Virginia, and Michigan would go with Romney. The Midwest is really hating President Trump for not keeping up certain promises involving jobs and the economy. As an Illinoisan, I’ve heard from both Democrats and Republicans that they really rather have another Republican run for President.

  3. The deep southern counties of KY has been a republican stronghold ever since the civil war. The counties Of Pulaski, and surrounding counties in southern KY near the Tennessee boarder have are Rock-red, and the last time those counties flipped in the democratic column was with Woodrow Wilson's landslide victory. the only reason President Wilson won those counties was because of division of the republican party. Wilson only won those counties with 36% of the vote. Ever since then, counties like Pulaski, and surrounding counties have voter republican by over 60% or more. Those same counties are a Trump stronghold. You look at Eastern Kentucky which is coal country. Those voters have lost their coal jobs very much like West Virginia. Since then they are a republican stronghold. Very similar to West Virginia, those eastern counties are also Trump strongholds. They used to be democratic strongholds much like West Virginia was, but shifted to Bush much like West Virginia did. Not to mention that Jefferson county Kentucky's most populous county. If Trump can beat Cruz in Jefferson, he can beat Romney. Also, in 2012 Mitt Romney had 1,087,190 votes, Trump had 1,202,971. Trump was able to motivate more people to come out to vote for him in ky. The Ky conservatives are a lot more similar to conservatives in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and West Virginia. They would also see Romney as a weak candidate for losing to Obama. Most every republican and democrat see Obama as Satan. lol Other than that, It's pretty accurate. Maybe flip Ohio, and Georgia though.

  4. This is not a realistic prediction. If Mitt Romney were to challenge Trump. He would be lucky to pick up Massachessutes let alone to pick up 27 states in the country.

    Many of which will not go to any other Republican because of Mike Pence's evangelical appeal, and Trump's massive fundraising advantage.

    Mitt Romney would carry DC, Utah, Idaho, Massachessuates, Wyoming. In a best-case scenario.

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