Media Screw-Ups: NYT Op-ed writers admit Bernie had some good points

Media Screw-Ups: NYT Op-ed writers admit Bernie had some good points

Krystal and Saagar discuss the biggest media flops of the week.

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  1. I blame mass media and DNC dirty tricks for Biden's rise! Nothing he actually did deserved it. The Covid crisis exposes the absolute need for 'Medicare for All' and the current protest movements the need for racial and economic equality! All of which Bernie has been fighting for his whole life!

  2. All the other candidates were harping on and on about black representation at the highest level, while Bernie was the only one consistently pushing for the change that would actually benefit not just that one elevated black person, but millions of black people: A LIVING WAGE.

  3. Sanders is anti-big business, and there is nothing bigger business than media. The only way for Bernie to win would be without the media or Democratic party support, as both of them are bought and paid for by big business…

  4. Why were comments disabled for the recent AOC video posted by this channel? I have unsubscribed. And this raises the question who owns The Hill? I knew the high production values would come at a cost to integrity. When has it not?

  5. "I've come to you for ask.."
    This is from the pre-content Biden commercial. They can't even get him to speak correctly for a 30 second recorded ad. I don't care what the polls say he isn't beating Trump.

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