Mark Warner vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Mark Warner vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction

Could Mark Warner beat Trump in a 2020 General Election?

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  1. The last time the winner of a presidential election lost Ohio it was 1960. Also Clinton only won pluralities in NV, CO, NM, and Mn. had Gary Johnson not been in the race these states would have gone to Donald Trump. And while Donald Trump only won 8% of the Black vote in 2016 the approval rating right now according to Rasmussen is 36%, and on August 17th his approval rating was 51%(he lost the popular vote in 2016). Polls aren't always accurate however as we learned in 2016. My point is while I understand that you are anti-trump, you should probably stop pretending like there is 0% chance he will win in 2020.

  2. FOOL PAUL RYAN IS GOING TO RETIRE JAN 2019 WE DO NOT KNOW WHO WILL TAKE PAUL RYAN PLACE FUTURE IS NOT TOLD YET Again you do not know who is running 2020 general election because the campaign did not start. the only one on the ballet is TRUMP. I do not know if there are going to be more GOP to run against Trump again Campaign did not start yet. Paul Ryan to retire  Jan 2019 cannot put a name on the Democrat side again campaign did not start. every one running is going go though the same process. campaign debate caucus campaign debate caucus repeat and repeat to find winner that will run for President on the Democrat side. Democrats and news media cannot impeach Trump. Well they are not god. there are laws to follow to impeach any president in office  Democrats cannot find a loop hold. So Dems are crying here heads off about not able to Impeach Trump Voters are sick of that. now many people not going to vote? you do not have the answer to that? your are wasting my time

  3. How do u think every democrat wins against Trump? Bias much?
    You don't realize that elections are not about facts….its about who can persuade maybe 3 % of the public to vote for them….
    Trump knows how to market/brand himself very well and sell his message …..Polls are a snapshot in time …means basically nothing….Trump's approval rating was worse when he won the election…..DOes Mark Warner or any of the other democrats got the marketing skills/ persuasion skills of trump? i doubt it…… economy is fine now( if it continues until 2020) , no new unpopular war started by trump..ISIS is destroyed in syria/iraq…..if trump sells that right he is probably unbeatable

  4. The guy BARLEY won democratic trending Va by less that a single point in a race that received little attention and was thought to be a landslide. Yes, he'll win VA. No way he wins NC (an R+3 state that's very tough ground for the dems). Can't see him winning FL. Trump wins at least two of the rustbelt states and one of the western or New England battlegrounds.

  5. JFK vs Ronald Reagan
    Lincoln vs FDR
    Trump vs Reagan
    Bill Clinton vs George W Bush
    Mike Pence vs George W Bush
    George Washington vs Ulysses S Grant
    George Washington vs Abraham Lincoln
    PLEASE do these. These are dream elections of mine.

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