Local voters on both sides react to election results

Local voters on both sides react to election results

On the County Club Plaza, cheers and car horns could be heard all afternoon. However, KCTV5 spoke with people on both sides today who reacted in various ways to today’s historic news.


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  1. Poor deluded and brainwashed
    Bidan voters. Trump is winning and they don't even know it yet . how said biggest Hypocrites in America Democrats and big media have they forgot the hell they put America's through all the 4yers and the summer. And now thay want healing and unity. They should be apologizing to conservatives first and how Democrats and big media have viciously attacked conservative the police and Trump.

  2. America has never seen a reaction like this before. Americans all across the nation came outside to celebrate all at once. It was crazy …!! It was inspiring…!!

  3. Trump brags about his rally crowds BUT….if you take every Trump rally from 2015 – 2021 every Trump train and the 1-6-21 coup crowed and combined them all….IT WOULD STILL BE MILLIONS LESS THAN WHAT TOOK PLACE IN AMERICA ON NOVEMBER 7th…..EVERY CITY IN AMERICA (not to mention the world…it was nuts) HAD THOUSANDS DANCING IN THE STREETS…!!
    Definitely a day I will tell my grandkids about..!

  4. Today I saw a trumpy in a store with a shirt that was talking shit about "Liberal Tears".
    Pretty sure they were crying when they raided the capitol

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