Local 2020 election results updated | News

Local 2020 election results updated | News

The following are the updated election result numbers as released by the county on Tuesday, Nov. 10. The next set of final, audited numbers will available on Nov. 30. According to the county website, there are approximately 10,000 remaining ballots to be counted.

The race has widened for Brentwood Councilmember Joel Bryant as he continues to hold onto to his lead in the mayoral race with 29.46% of the vote (8,996 votes). Karen Rarey remains in second place with 27.65% (8,444 votes) followed by Paul La Follette with 14.71% (4,492 votes) Ryan Raimondi at 11.47% (3,502 votes), Edward Schuck at 10.03% (3,064 votes), Steve Young with 5.44% (1,661 votes) and Brian Carleton with 1.23% (376 votes).

Political newcomer Jovita Mendoza holds onto her lead in District 1 with 28.94% (1,853 votes). Former Brentwood Mayor Brian Swisher who was in second place on Election Day, falls to third place with 24.19% (1,549 votes). Faye Maloney climbs into second place with 25.69% (1,645 votes). Incumbent Claudette Staton collects 21.18% (1,356 votes).

Susannah Meyer scored a decisive victory over challengers Indrani Golden and Olga Vidriales. Meyer, seeking elected office for the first time, earned 44.46% (3,553 votes) so far, followed by Golden at 30.02% (2,399 votes) and Vidriales with 25.53% (2,040 votes).

Oakley City Council (3 seats)

The order of the winners for Oakley City Council appears to have changed but the top three vote-getters remain newcomers. Aaron Meadows retains the number one spot with 19.17% (8,638 votes) followed by Anissa Williams who bumps George Fuller out of second place with 17.05% (7,681 votes) and 16.70% (7,522 votes) for Fuller. The remaining order was; incumbent Claire Alaura with 15.69% (7,070 votes), followed by Conan Moats at 12.49% (5,627 votes); incumbent Kevin Romick with 11.44% (5,152 votes) and rounded out by Oleskii Chuiko at 7.46% (3,362 votes).

Discovery Bay Community Services District (2 seats)

Voters in Discovery Bay went with some new faces in this election. Two first-timers, Michael Callahan and Carolyn Graham took the top two seats with 27.84% (3,940 votes) and 19.05% (2,697 votes) respectively. Jill Snowden came in with 18.26% (2,584 votes) followed by incumbents Bill Pease at 14.46% (2,046 votes) and Bill Mayer with 13.32% (1,885 votes). Stephanie Lease came in sixth place with 7.08% (1,002 votes).

Ironhouse Sanitary District (3 seats)

Incumbent Dawn Morrow was the top vote-getter in this race coming in at 26.21% (11,590 votes), followed by newcomer Angela Lowrey at 23.05% (10,194 votes). Incumbent Peter Zirkle holds the third seat with 17.61% (7,789 votes) followed incumbent Doug Scheer 17.10% (7,561 votes) and Joe Kovalick 16.04% (7,091) in fourth and fifth places., respectively.

East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Board (2 seats)

Both incumbents retain their seats on the fireboard with Joe Young at 39.73% (37,619 votes) and Stephen Smith garnering 37.50% (35,503). Benjamin Kellogg has 22.77% (21,557 votes).

Diablo Water District At Large (1 seat)

Incumbent Scott Pastor hold onto his seat with 66.71% (9,736 votes) followed by 33.29% (4,858 votes) for Howard Hobbs.

Brentwood Union School District Board (2 seats)

Stephanie Williams-Rogers was the top vote-getter in this race, with 31.46% (15,448 votes) followed by Thuy DaoJensen at 24.04% (11,802 votes). Incumbents Blythe Lind and Carlos Sanabria hold 23.86% (11,713 votes) and 20.64% (10,135 votes), respectively.

Liberty Union High School District Board (2 seats)

Incumbent Yolanda Peña-Mendrek has the most votes with 30.10% (26,382 votes) followed by Tamela Hawley at 28.74% (25,189), Ray Valverde with 20.59% (18,049) and Christina Dalton with 20.56% (18,018 votes).

Knightsen Elementary School District Board (3 seats)

Thomas Baldocchi Jr. snags first place with 26.83% (1,054 votes) followed by Deborah Gold with (25.56% (1,004 votes), Delaura Pigati with 25.23% (991 votes) and Jill Bowman with 22.38% (879 votes).

State Assembly District 11 (1 seat)

Incumbent Jim Frazier retains his seat with 66.98% (74,799 votes) in the run against candidate Debra Schwab with 33.02% (36,877 votes).

Measure X proposed by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, appears to have passed with 58.21% (314,544 votes). The countywide 0.5% sales tax will be used for general governmental purposes and will be collected on the gross receipts of sales of personal property across the county for a period of 20 years, starting April 1, 2021. The sales tax will not be collected on the sale of food or on other transactions that are exempt from the sales tax under state law.

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