LIVE: US Election 2020 Results | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden | US Presidential Election Results Live

LIVE: US Election 2020 Results | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden | US Presidential Election Results Live

LIVE: US Election 2020 Results | Donald Trump vs Joe Biden | US Presidential Election Results Live

US Election 2020 Results Live News Updates: US President Donald Trump, seeking re-election, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden have made early wins in several states as polls close across the United States. All eyes are now on the key battleground states of Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, results of which are crucial for both contenders.

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  1. This has to be the most pathetic news channel yet seen. Does not make even the slightest attempt being balanced, non-biased, and factual. Facts? Notice how they interview people that anyone could simply find on the street, and then call them a political commentator. Wion reported that Biden wins Arizona, and 22 hours after Wion's announcement the state has not been called for either candidate. Constantly bashing the President. I see there are many U.S. citizens commenting below. To Wion: Is it a good strategy to alienate half the U.S. viewers? I thought trash reporting such as this was mostly a problem in the U.S., but it is a problem in India also. Thumbs down, and never again…and….will hit the "do not recommend this channel".

  2. For 4 years He conquer the big waves but then the iceberg sunk His ship.
    Now what can we do to melt the ice, calm the oceans and bring him afloat to continue our jouney on the persue of happiness?
    Is that a rainbow or the end of the horozon?

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  4. What happens if the voters mail their ballots and at the same thing vote in person ? Is that cheating possible ? Double-check the total number of votes vs the total number of registered voters. Count every legal votes only. Changing the voting rules affect the votes. jts/ 2020

  5. It is called Metal conditioning and many Conman/Woman use it. They will repeat that same saying thing over and over for a period of time. And later use that as the anchor to manipulate the masses that listen to it and take it as fact when it is not. Trump for months would say over and over the only way he can lose is if it is rigged. Well, he has since election night called in on his manipulative tactics called anchoring reinforcement. And sadly usually the uneducated get sucked into falling for such cons. It is the same tactic used by Jim Jones, David Koresh, ISIS, and other terror groups and dictators around the world.

  6. Democrats has not yet explain why in Wisconsin, the count passed midnight all of sudden increased 156K for Biden in 47 min, Google's statistics indicate the counted votes raised 1 %, from 94% to 95% but Wisconsin has only 5.6 million registered voters, not 15.6 millions. Where are these ballots coming from? Phantom votes coming from nowhere. Similar situation happened in Michigan. All happened just after most people go to sleep. Most people do not know the blue votes came in just within one hour, making the curve is a straight vertical up of 138K votes for Biden, leave other 4 candidates with 0 count of increase, so all absentee ballots of 138K were brought in strait from Democrats office?. Many medias have caught these unusual situations on Google statistics. Americans need a explanation, otherwise, the democracy means nothing and the election is just a joke, if the result can be altered by illegal cheated ballots.

  7. Associated press with many other news channels and also the radio news stations covering the election are reporting the most recent electoral college vote updates as (Biden 264 / Trump 214)

  8. This week will be a busy week driven by politics, stimulus hopes, and economic data. It is becoming clear that market enthusiasm for a election rally is holding, but it will need more positive headlines around stimulus to push higher, Analysis from Stock Analyst and columnist, Mr Young show S&P 500 still appears to be favorable to stocks rising based on the pattern present. It would suggest that we see higher prices from here, even Apple filled a gap around $115, and now I think that falling wedge is telling us that the apple stock rallies back to $125, I think Amazon report on Thursday that are good enough results to send the stock higher, back to around $3,485, So Mr. Young warns new stock buyers to be careful as the picture is not clear yet and for now you can only make profit by trading your stock with a strategy instead of holding or panic selling, for me i advice you to multiply the little you have with Mr. Young strategy, i was able to make $70,000 with $10,000 in 3 weeks with his stock trading strategy, Mr young can be reach via Instagram @you_ngli and email linyoun56g@gmail

  9. US Presidential Election should be a benchmark of the world’s future ever and should not let weaknesses of Democracy decay the justice in History.

    I do not hate any candidate and want to see the justice ruling around the world.

    Democracy does not rely on justice. It only rely on number of people and votes. That is why its weaknesses become obvious for terrorists.

    Nowadays weaknesses of Democracy become weapons of educated terrorists for their long term goals. Every person needs to take new or creative actions effectively and proactively before so late.

    Others might have already accepted lots of money for plots. Who knows!!! Who follows up!!! Most of them are powerful.

    Democracy and Traditions become weaker for others’ advantages. Need to take right actions in accordance with circumstances. If not so, you will regret and have to sacrifice lots with sorrows.

    pls read the book,…….DEMOCRACY & GLOBAL SOCIAL ISSUES, ……from MKPAUL..NET,

  11. Roberts Biometric Solution for Elections using AI with blockchain

    Use badge and fingerprint ID scanner we currently employ at airports and other ‘high security areas’ *The scanner verifies voter card data
    and fingerprint match. This becomes the ‘voter ID card

    *Only issue after vetting identity
    and voter registration data

    If fingerprint/ ID Card match-green light, machine prints out paper ballot with *blockchain tracking number

    Fill out and sign ballot

    Camera 🎥 takes your picture
    as you turn in paper ballot (through digital scanner feed) and assigns electronic photo reference number that matches paper ballot.

    Digital and paper record
    Duplicate voting attempts rejected
    Facial recognition with fingerprint match
    *Blockchain Tracing used in all ballots.

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