LIVE: Hill TV's 2020 Iowa Caucuses Results Show

LIVE: Hill TV's 2020 Iowa Caucuses Results Show

Krystal and Saagar along with a team of expert panelists break down the Iowa Caucus results live.

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  1. Forget Iowa
    I'm Danish and just
    bought it.
    I will like to buy Mahatten and Wasington too.
    Will it be OK to paint the withe house and Thrump golden shower green?
    Me first.

  2. this system of counting the votes in Iowa isnt indeed a backdoor for the establishment to when ever they feel necessary run over peoples vote which makes the American democracy similar to middle easterns ones? A possibility to inforce dictatorship from above?

  3. I think that Iowa caucuses should be banned especially they went on some stupid app you can't trust anything nothing nothing nothing nothing and they take too long and I don't think they were all involved in this and I don't feel like I think there's five other state I think you should be outlawed I don't care if it's a tradition they do the tradition whatever they want to do and not when it involves the whole United States where waiting too many flaws and it's really stupid other people can't get off the war off of work or they're sick handle absentee voting I think it's the most silly way of voting… I'm not clearly understand in this I'm elderly I've never paid attention as much as I paid attention this year and when Trump got voted in but this year I've never heard of the Iowa caucus did they vote ever the right way in ballets?

  4. Absolutely love love watching you guys having fun. I think i may one of the original comments you guys saw on the old panels about how fun it was to see people actually having fun while geeking out on this stuff… but i have to say you guys are just the masters at this now, and it's truly both informative and entertaining. I watched msnbc because i wanted to see the inevitable meltdowns, would it were so… but came back to watch you guys after ANYWAY. I think you're earning your way into our hearts a little like family, which is weird thing to say because for us political nerds, you know shows like 'today' 'the view' and 'morning joe' really aren't for us. Anyway, well done again, superfun to watch.

  5. Rising Program is just guessing, simple, Bernie Sanders has won period, Pete Buttiggiet is a total loser, you guys are ridiculous talking in circles.Pete No 1 are you kidding me,? Who the hell is Pete Buttiggiet. This idiot commentator say alter his strategies, who the hell are these idiot commentators. You need to stop your dam talking in circles

  6. Iowa caucus= total joke!! We NEED to get rid of idiotic caucuses, Electoral College and EVERY other outdated process to elect officials. Just set up voting booths, demand ID and a fingerprint or facial recognition scan, and vote for the candidate of your choice, that's it. The most democratic votes, WINS!! Every other system is rigged and nonsensical.

  7. For the life of my I can not figure out why in the world anyone would want to have such an unnecessarily complicated, confusing, and inaccurate voting method as this? Why not good old fashion paper ballots. You go in check a box and out you go. Clean and simple and very hard to get wrong or rig. : (

  8. Jesus, guys, how about being more serious? All that laughing and giggling, you are behaving like a bunch of cheerleaders at a party.

    You are supposed to be a formidable alternative to cable news. Behave accordingly.

  9. I think the Iowa caucus system is an excellent exercise in democracy and should keep going. When coastal elites regularly complain "why Iowa?" and "why this antiquated caucus system that keeps us waiting for results" it has the same tone as the rest of the political and media establishment bubble's disdain for everyday people in flyover country. That out-of-touchness has the establishment in trouble. Watching hours of Iowa caucus activity in real time on Now This reinforced for me the value of the caucus system that has a lot of community-building benefits that don't happen when people privately vote in a booth and leave.

  10. If this turns out to be the only bit of chaos in this Dem primary that would be wonderful. But I am not holding my breath. It isn't a laughing matter guys. Were you expecting the Dem establishment to preside in an orderly way over a process which could allow Bernie to win?

  11. Biden's lackeys are already out there questioning the trustworthiness of results, which they will continue to do in all primaries Bernie wins. Next they will generate fear that foreign actors are hacking results. They are trying to justify a brokered convention where superdelegates can steal it for Biden or Buttigieg.

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