LIVE BREAKING: 2020 Election Results | Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

LIVE BREAKING: 2020 Election Results | Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

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Join us for live election results for the 2020 Presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the 2020 Senate election and the 2020 House of Representatives election. We will look at exit polls, state returns, key districts, down-ballot races and the all-important battleground states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and even Georgia and Texas. Who will win the 2020 election? We’ll find out.


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  1. You were talking about Sky News and watchingthe British one, it's Sky News Australia that is extreme Right wing. I was watching them a bit on Election night 🤮

  2. He's a crypto-neo-dixiecrat corporatist who engineered mass-Incarceration who argued we must not ask why the "predators" [disproportionately black youth] did crime but simply erase them from the streets, constantly defending segregationists like Tallmadge & Eastland & lamenting the 'golden age of Congress' when he could pretend to fight them then go have lunch & laugh at us, not a "good guy":

  3. *Trump election Master Plan…*

    Phase 1: Use legal action to prevent mail in votes known to be in favor of Biden, to be counted early. Make those early mail in votes disappear while they were being stored in USPS facilities (Google court order to find 300,000 mail in votes misplaced by USPS – GOP run company – in key/swing states).

    Phase 2: Get polling officials to count the election day ballots known to be in favor of Trump before the mail ballots, thus showing him having an early lead.

    Phase 3: count the mail-in ballots after election day ballots, making it appear that legitimate mail ballots "showed up out of nowhere"…when in actual fact this is the vote counting sequence they orchestrated (Count election day votes first, then count mail in ballots after).

    Phase 4: Cry fraud when the count is barely halfway through and then undermine the democratic systems that voted him into power in the first place by issuing lawsuits to disrupt the voting process. Weeks prior they also got the Supreme court – Trump puppets – to end the 2020 census before its official end date in Oct 31 so that the total census won't be a factor against his claims that votes don't add up to total population. Out of the 9 SCJ only Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor opposed the court order because she knew it wasn't right!

    Phase 5: Threaten democracy in America by holding onto power illegally and refusing to cede power to the rightful winner of the election.

    Trump is the real AntiChrist that the Bible talks about!! The book of Revelations perfectly describes him as the false Messiah and will lead people to eternal doom!
    Putin just recently announced yesterday he'll step down next year in 2021 after election results trending toward Biden. Coincidence? I think not!
    Research and verify these facts yourself!! The Truth speaks louder than Orange noise!

  4. I remember when President Jimmy Carter in 1979, went to 3 mile island, the nuclear plant
    To assure the American people that nothing was going to happen. I was 12. I knew something hooribble was happening. President Carter has balls. He pulled up in his long black Cadillac and assured all of us.
    Everything was going to be ok

  5. On the issue of the popular vote, I think that for all intents and purposes, the changing demographics around the nation are going to create a vote that reflects that of the general populace. The southern and other traditionally red states that Joe Biden has either won or made a serious run at shows that nationwide diversity is bringing representation of Democratic values in key battleground states. The Republican Party is going to need to shift to be less radically conservative and hostile towards minorities if they want to stay relevant (and I want them to stay relevant. A one party nation would suck.)

  6. Mark Meadows has just been positive for COVID-19. Is he legally allowed to get himself out of quarantine to break it to Trump?

    With all of the voter roll purges, voter intimidation, voting restrictions, and dismantling of sorting machines of USPS, the Republican Party and its shameless supporters across the country still can't take down who Trump called "the weakest presidential candidate" in history. Imagine what the election results would be if they didn't get to pull off all those shenanigans…

  7. First, the states were scared to send in their voting info and were seeing whos gonna go first. Now the media is scared to call the election. Doesn't anyone thinks this is crazy that a president has scared everyone stiff to oppose him. That's dangerous! we were this close 👌 to authoritarianism.

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