Kyle Kulinski vs Ben Shapiro | 2020 Election Prediction

Kyle Kulinski vs Ben Shapiro | 2020 Election Prediction

Who would win in 2020, Ben Shapiro or Kyle Kulinski?

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  1. Do you take requests? If so here’s some ideas:

    1. Candace Owens Vs. Kamala Harris.
    2. Candace Owens Vs. Tulsi Gabbard.
    3. Kimberly Klacik Vs. Kamala Harris.
    4. Kimberly Klacik Vs. Tulsi Gabbard.

    Tulsi Gabbard is the only Democrats that could beat them.

    Donald Trump and Joe Biden are too old to run in 2024.

  2. This video needs an update, in my opinion. Kyle Kulinski would obliterate Ben Shapiro, who is honestly one of the most arrogant, insufferable "pundits" I can think of. His voice is honestly enough to turn so many voters off, and his attitude of self-aggrandizement coupled with his nonsensical "facts and logic" make him even less appealing. I'd easily flip WI, OH, PA, NV, NH, all of ME, IA, AZ, CO, NE-2, and NV. His populist message would likely also resonate well in other states like MO, IN, WV, KS, AK (lots of independent voters up there), MT, and maybe KY as well. And then of course you have those other swing states like AZ, FL, and GA, which are likely to be close anyway. Kyle's taking 400+ electoral votes, go ahead and call me crazy. I'm voting for the big seltzer boi

  3. this guy should see the number of dislikes. Shapiro is getting too much credit, i see kulinnski winning Colroado, Wisconsin, Nevada, and possible Pensilvania adn even Ohio.

  4. Are you considering the debates being tallied in? I mean Ben can talk people under a table but Kyles message is so damn straight to the point Ben's gonna squirm when Kyle starts asking him simple straightforward questions. Remember the BBC mess? The host asked him straight up basic questions and Ben blew up calling him a socialist…. though he was a conservative 🤣🤣😂.

  5. Totally disagree. Shapiro would be destroyed. He's an ultra nationalist with radical views. I don't think he could carry any states other than the bible belt states. He would be lucky to win Wyoming.

  6. 1. Ben Shapiro is an intellectual machine who knows the facts and figures of by heart, but kyle has an ideology which easier to visualise.
    2. Kyle's economic thoery is based on misinterpereted events of modern history such as 1950's "booming economy" (not true), and FDR's "new deal", this will be Shapiro's strength in a debate. (Cenk VS Ben – is a case study)
    3. Kyle is more charasmatic (see "13 keys to the white house")
    4. Ben is in favour of free trade which although is good for the economy, less favourable for rust belt states.
    5. Ben is less likely to have a mind blank in a debate, as seen in Cenk vs Ben (This is very cognitive analysis.. Just that Ben is less human)
    6. Ben does discuss social issues which kyle doesn't frequently disucss.
    7. Kyle has firm base which is just the progressive movement or justice democrats or whatever which has mainly Bernie Sanders as a paradigm

    Overall… Tough one! BTW I'm not sure Florida does have an illegal immigration issue but thats something to consider.

  7. Sorry, wrong here. Kyle would wipe the floor with Shapiro. He routinely dissects Shapiro's videos with ease. Rust belt to Kyle, Nevada, Colorado, too. Maybe even some red states. Economic populism is a powerful tool, and (Unlike Trump) Kulinski knows what he's talking about and not just bsing to get cheap applause.

  8. OH, Kyle easily. Shapiro just spews so many logical fallacies, and is a smug little bigot who makes people feel good about their prejudices, and his supporters are dumb dumb dumb…lol

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