Krystal & Saagar call out MSNBC for screwing up Yang graphic AGAIN

Krystal & Saagar call out MSNBC for screwing up Yang graphic AGAIN

Saagar and Krystal weigh in on MSNBC once again messing up an Andrew Yang chyron.

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  1. In the near future, leftists will completely forget about their go-to evil dictator comparisons of Hitler and Stalin, or Mao and scream like banshees about how the next Republican president will be "worse than Trump and Bush combined."

  2. That’s my tweet 😬

    Ironic that the entire country and MSM are now focused on Andrew’s policies and ideas because they’re the only thing that will save us from being ruined by this pandemic. If it wasn’t for this level of shoddy journalism during his campaign, Yang would’ve won the nomination.

  3. You know how it's said people really just see the first and last letters of a word? I get called "Oscar" all the time. Literally the only letters in that name that appear in my name are the first and last letter. And this is analogous to what MSNBC does to everything about Andrew Yang.

  4. Its cause they want to misconstrue his its a hidden attack towards him because hes a man with facts and numbers so hes a threat towards there monopoly they play games…hes a good a man that deserves good coverage…

  5. I must say, when I first heard about Andrew Yang, I didn't think much of him running for president. Foreign country and all. But now, I am hoping he wins. His mental resilience, confidence and just how he treats everyone are very impressive. I cannot not imagine how someone can stand up on every single stage and campaign, after everything that has happened, like people not taking him seriously and think he is a joke, people representing him incorrectly like the media, potentially deliberately giving him less questions in debates and less time, etc. i really hope andrew yang wins. he has set an amazing example of how to respond, not react, under great pressure. Imagine what he could do for the country and the world when he is already handling this great pressure so beautifully. I can't say the other candidates would be the same because I don't know them. They haven't really been impressive from the debates or interviews I have watched and they arguably have less pressure than Yang.

  6. Yang will outsmart the establishment. He is not the average politician. One of Yang's greatest strengths is covert strategy, so he will continue to fly under the radar and then shock the world. Yang is at least ten steps ahead at all times.

  7. It doesn't matter. Even if he had help, he wouldn't win.
    For one thing, he isn't aggressive enough in debates, then blames them for not giving him enough time on the mike.
    He's a clown 😅

  8. If Andrew Yang can't overcome these small obstacles? Whatever it's cool–is Yang's attitude if you didn't know. And we don't need a President with this attitude.

  9. It's going to be a bloodbath when Trump gets one of the senior citizens. Biden stutters. Warren lies. Bernie will get smashed on his age and being socialist. Yang is our only hope. MSNBC, TYT, and the DNC trying to push their choice.

  10. It's not a mistake, someone at MSNBC deliberately distort and twisted personal information to bash/demean Andrew Yang. I think Andrew and his team should fire a defamation lawsuit against MSNBC for big money then use the proceeds to support his campaign. They don't stop until facing a financial boycott or punishment for their bullying tactics against whoever they don't like.
    Andrew must take it seriously.

  11. The DNC has shot themselves in the foot for not including Yang on January's
    presidential candidate debate stage. Yang has already topped all of the other
    Democratic candidates on stage. If the Democrats want to win they need Yang,
    definitely the best candidate qualified to lead America into the AI world. He has
    the background and character to possibly be the best President ever for America.
    The DNC has done harm to America by their action. I deplore it…

  12. It appears the DNC and the Mainstream Media once again are blind to the pulse of people. They happen to have not only the ideal candidate but the most necessary one with Andrew Yang in their grasp and cannot come to grips to realize it. Instead of providing and illuminating him they are actively working to suppress and marginalize him. I have no reason to watch any further so-called Debates. I already know what the cherry picked candidates stand for.

    These so-called debates are useless and function as a psuedo infomercial. If it were to have any value it would be as a means provide exposure to those less know canidates. Hey even you plagerism Pete, I still would like to see you on the debate stage. I really would like to see what are your real motives which compel you to believe you are the indespensible individual needed as the champion of the people. Ambition and a lust for power generally work out badly.

    Sure Pete you may have enchanted the mainstream Media with your smooth smug responses to the obvious appalling Trump moronic action. It is going to take a lot more than defeating Chump. I have yet to see any defined vision or even a policy Idea that inspires one to action, let alone being able to identify and decipher what is the underlying problems that plague the citizens. In my opinion Pete, it is obvious that your motives to run for President is purely VANITY & EGO driven. Sure you speak like an an educated man and are quick to respond in a coherent logical manner. It used go without saying that one whom seeks that office would already posess such qualities. Just because Chump had driven the English language down to a first grade level does not mean that forming properly structured sentences qualifies you to be the Leader of the FREE World.

    And Yes It is Obvious that Chump must be removed, but the problems will not magically disappear when he is gone. I have know idea what is your platform? The only thing of substance I have heard from you has been extraced from Andrew Yang's talking points, which you have repacked as your own. I'm expecting you to roll out a version of UBI which you will promise to give all citizens $1001 a month. It's not cool to copy off the smart Asian kids paper and pass it as your own.

    The rest of the established politicians I do not need to see you again. Your actions as politicians is in the public record and I can look at that record to tell me what you stand for. Any new words that are inconsistent with that record will speak louder than what is proclaimed or promised.

    So what has become evident is that not one single vote has been cast yet and somehow there are canidates in the lead and or are trailing, based on ones opinion which happen to still have a landline phone. I have been voting consistently since 1984 and have yet to be asked to participate in a political opinion poll. So I will approach this vital election with Reason and Logic. These have been times of intellectual blindness and emotional irrationality and it has becomes important that Reason should not be abandoned.

    Reason has revealed that one canidate holds a sincere motive for seeking the office of President of the USA. I Sincerely believe Andrew Yang motives are driven by his concern for his children's future and the lack of understanding of what is the impending reality that is in motion by those in power and current government officials. He knows that the consequence of inaction will devistate society as we know it. He is not only aware of it but has mapped out a plan to transition to a practical solution. Most of all he does not feel it is something a single individual can solve, But a single individual can influence the collective to achieve the needed results.

    Yang is a reasonable problem solver. He has been forthright and had not been one to promise, pander or mislead one without taking a factual and logical approach. An approach which a solution can increase the odds of a favorable outcome to occur. Unlike most politicians he is interested in solutions that can produce results. Most politicians motives revolve around their Ego and Lust for power, they will do and say what the voters want to hear to solicit their vote. After all that is said and done the Status Quo will remain.

  13. This is NOT a mistake. Call it out when you see it. There's absolutely no possibility for it to be a mistake due to the internet, the dozens of staff that should checking these things, etc

  14. Well to be honest. At this point, there's is no way Andrew Yang. Could ask his supporters to support the democratic nominee. So the DNC / MSNBC will be to blame. Yang or bust…

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