Krystal goes on Tucker: He argues Bernie is a threat to Trump

Krystal goes on Tucker: He argues Bernie is a threat to Trump

Krystal and Saagar analyze Krystal’s appearance on Tucker Carlson.

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  1. Krystal is still a lib obviously but she's one you can reason with, and respectful so I respect her. Tucker is awesome. He calls everyone out how it is and isn't afraid regardless of side they're on or rep. I know people joke about his expression, I think he always has his that "I'm focusing/kind of angry" face lol all the time, sometimes though he looks like the person he's debating had just said "hey tucker I'm from the twilight zone, haha" lol

  2. Tucker's one of the more rational and smarter Fox anchors. That being said…. he pushes that all immigrants are BAD, he ends up looking racist with his rhetoric of how America is supposedly "changing into a country we no longer recognize". That's verbatim! So what is his idea of America??? It begs the question…. I don't like calling people racist… Tucker says things that ARE nationalist. Period. He's definitely pro white America and pushes fear like the rest of the Republican biased channels.
    Fox News has to he watched along with what we normally watch. Why? To see what (older usually) people see, and trust me it helps (me…) understand the divide.
    The FALSE PREMISE is that immigrants won't contribute to our economy. People who spout that nonsense seem to be not entirely 'racist', however it SOUNDS racist and nationalist as hell.
    Sometimes if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… it's a DUCK.

  3. So why is Dear Leader telling Cult 45 to vote for Bernie in the primaries? I guess he's counting on the "socialism bad" propaganda they're pumping out… or just plain stupidity.

  4. Yeah sure 160 million people that have for-profit health care, with deductibles in the thousands of dollars are going to just go to the Doctor. Looks a lot like a class war using economic & biological warfare. Maybe it's me…but…!

  5. While a vaccine will be a long time coming, starting from scratch, a coronavirus treatment, remdesivir, should show results as early as April. The coronavirus has a far higher death rate than flu at an estimated 2 percent of cases compared to flu’s 0.1 percent, but while flu has caused the deaths of 16,000 people in America alone in the 2019-2020 season, Coronavirus is at a total worldwide of 2,930 deaths with treatment developed from SARS and Mars research on its way.

  6. Talk about the kids ridding the bus. Yesterday on the web, while rooting around for the latest news, on channel "TruNews" a child of 10 died of an unknown virus They said it was not corona but we do not know what. Texas County Missori in summers vile father of child said child died of unknown flu virus he was also told this Childs death will save countless lives tissue samples were sent to CDC.

  7. I had no idea that this show was basically a progressive mouthpiece. I thought it was for people who were interested in objective journalism and opinions. Krystal on many segments (on this show and others) is indirectly telling people to vote for Bernie. It is disappointing.

  8. Bernie's biggest hurdle is the millions of Christian Zionists who think Trump was brought to them by God – these people ain't that smart & love their imaginary stories

  9. Still kinda blows my mind hearing you guys talk about American healthcare. If I feel sick, I can go to numerous walk in clinics in evenings to get checked out and meds if needed.
    Or call my Dr and have an appointment within a day or two, longest a week and a half. I've had severe injuries, titanium plates in my leg and ankle, and never had to wait any longer than a week or two ever.
    Of course it's not perfect, but I've only ever had to pay for prescriptions which were cheap, and that was only when I was young and didn't have supplemental ins from my employer.

  10. Empaths v Narcissists
    Common sense v Disordered mind
    Compassion v Envy
    Sharing v Greed
    Socialism v Corporatism
    Keynes v Friedman
    Social democracy v Police state
    Opportunity v Oppression
    Fair v Mean
    True populist v Fake populist
    Sanity v In-sanity
    Bernie v Trump

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