Krystal Ball: Young voters to Democratic party: SCREW YOU

Krystal Ball: Young voters to Democratic party: SCREW YOU

Krystal Ball discusses a new survey from Chegg that shows 22% of college students will not vote in the general election, and what this means for the future of the country.

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  1. Trump and the Republicans keep saying, "There going to clean up the swamp". So far it's the Democrats are the one whose picking up the swamps (Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen and possibly Louis DeJoy)

  2. DNC = Do Noting Capitalists. Corn Pop and his Top Cop have no ideas, no plans, no clue, and no hope of dealing with any of the crises, contradictions, and injustices of late capitalism, things Trump did not invent but only made worse and shined a spotlight on. Come on. A Biden administration is going to be hammered with demands from Day 1 that it can't and/or won't fulfill.

  3. Democrats think they can win with only wealthy PMCs. I say don’t vote for them and put it to the test. Biden and Trump are both garbage, NOW is the time.

  4. During the days when Ralph Nader was running against G.W. Bush and the "Electric" Al Gore I was considering voting 3rd party. Went to a online forum and found people "trading" votes saying they would vote Gore if YOU would vote Nader. Honor system. Needless to say this was just Republicans out smarting young voters. 28 years later Russia has teamed up with unscrupulous Republicans and are doing much the same in pushing 3rd party to a disaffected youth. WikiLeaks was a once a group of people trying to make the World a better place before they became a Russian asset.

  5. NY, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Minnesota, Chicago, etc. are all run by the Dems. for many decades.
    And they all fail miserably at Race Reform, and police reform. Plus loads and Corruption and policies which regulate and regulate but get nothing done.
    Plus the Dems lie a lot, point fingers, never take responsibility for there own actions. Dems are not actually Liberals anymore. They have morphed into something more like Communist Capitalism.
    Take to take the red pill.

  6. Not just young, these people have walked us in to this mess the only difference between Trump and Biden is Biden can give a speech with out sounding like an idiot.

  7. why not just say the truth leftest schools have socialism, it has been drilled into there heads for years now from there teachers so there socialist and the dems and the republic are not socialist so this is why they are rejecting both parties. PERIOD

  8. Once i learned the truth , i no longer vote ! They been racketeering in hawaii and there is so many crimes going on . It's easy to prove using the 1871 congressional records !

  9. they are filled with DEMINTIC institutionalised school's and taught stupid and forced POLITICS by idiotic people who shouldn't be even on a college campus or schools campus. Grades 1-12 especially.

  10. Those criminal criminals: Hilary, Nancy Polosy, Obama, Clinton, Omar, Ocasio, Schiff, Bill Gates, Soros, Minneapolis Mayor, etc., put them all in an institution for schizophrenic madmen. And little by little you are sentencing them to prison.

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