Krystal Ball: Why won't Warren drop out?

Krystal Ball: Why won't Warren drop out?

Krystal Ball examines why Elizabeth Warren hasn’t dropped out of the Democratic Primary.

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  1. Look, Warren's choices logically are (1) back Bernie and bargain for VP–good for her bcs she could be Pres in 2024 and Bernie bcs she is a key to the estab door of the less fascist Dems (2) back Bernie and show her creds. If she thinks Biden will make her any concessions or offer her the VP or Cabinet position. Lose for her big time, and NO woman pres for many more years. Remain the egotistic vagina politics girl, and she won't be Senator next time round.

  2. Newsflash- Trump will be reelected. No Democrat can with without black votes. Biden Bernie Warren haven't pledged tangibles or financial reparations to foundational black Americans so Jim crow Joe can kick rocks along with former Republican Warren and Bernie the bigot. See ya. These political pundits and commentators are the ones also out of touch refusing to acknowledge the real issue with Democrats. Foundational black Americans have been voting Democrat in 90% range since the 50s and what have we gotten for all that loyalty fealty and support???? Obama made single white women number one minority group. Gave huge unassailable platform to lgbt and put policies on the books for illegal immigrants. His "race neutral" approach, yeah right. Dems have a serious problem.

  3. Time for Bernie to drop out too Krystal…..Bernie is done….he is getting crushed by Biden in Florida by 49 points….Florida is a must win in November… Joe Biden

  4. This shows that she is blatantly not a true progressive. She literally only cares about herself and the donors that are lining out her pockets to help Biden. I thought Sanders could use her as a VP, but the more I consider it she is a detriment to the progressive movement.

  5. i said almost exactly this to a Warren guy at work, he looked like i hit him with a brick, got the wheels turning in the old clock tower. can't wait 'til he gets his head around

  6. SHOCK Warren pulls out – days too late to offer help to the progressive platform – which she knows now has 50% approval or better in multiple states.
    Meanwhile can anyone name 1 single platform plank of Biden – or any that he was brought by Mayor Cheat, Amy, Beto ?

  7. What can you write about elizabeth warren but she is absolutely bought and paid for by the democratic establishment as a spoiler against Bernie Sanders. PERIOD.

    And the republikkkans are loving it.

    It is like a snake that starts eating it's own tail. The democratic party is corrupt and is going down like the titanic with elizabeth at its bow.

  8. "This is how politics works , people put their own interest first" ….. this shouldn't be how politics works, interest of the people living in the country should be first .

  9. "Consistently opposing things he fails to stop" ?!?!?!?
    WTF Elizabeth ?!?! … What's that for an argument ? Did you just throw every human rights activist in authoritarian regimes under the bus ???
    Don't you believe in such a thing as being on the right side of history!??

  10. Progressives need to create their own party. Obviously the Democratic establishment are working against them. If they don't want us, we don't want to be there.

  11. Its unbelievable how out of touch you progressives are. Trump will win, regardless of which of these losers gets nominated. Why? cuz, the mood in america is america first, at this time. Not welfare economics with open borders.

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