Krystal Ball: Why Bloomberg would surely lose to Trump

Krystal Ball: Why Bloomberg would surely lose to Trump

Krystal Ball explains why Michael Bloomberg will lose.

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  1. Why are Americans so obsessed with these loud mouth shock jocks that present cable news, or pretend to be "political commentators!?" Can you actually think for yourselves, cause up till now the large swathes of the US just mindlessly follow what idiots like Hannity, O'Reily & Krystal say.

  2. As black in illinois,my family and i want to win,but we have a feeling sanders will lose to we are voting for bloomberg,he is the only one who can beat trump.forget about everything with bloomberg,we want to win.

  3. If these Democrats decide to give JOE BIDEN the nomination and deny Bernie Sanders his dues by hook or crook – WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT BIDEN'S REGULAR GAFFE'S AND SLIPS OF THE TONGUE that he is famous for –which will surely pitch up again against Trump during the debates later in the year??? He will be headlining newspapers with these gaffes and become a usual LAUGHING STOCK OF THE RIGHT WING!!! We will be in BIG TROUBLE with this dude!

  4. What people really need to understand is that they don’t care if Trump gets in! The only thing that matters is if Bernie doesn’t! The people in power will lose their position and power if Sanders gets in, he’s vowed to get big money out of politics. They would much prefer Trump over Sanders!!

  5. I was a victim of police brutality with a broken knee cap just to get paid 25,000 for damages during his term as NYC mayor. alot of corrupt police were shooting down black and brown men, especially black men like flies. many of the police were never prosecuted for the unjustly murders. Bloomberg is a criminal, trying to buy presidency. trump is the best result for this country, I don't support racist Jews like Bloomberg. he's hell waiting for America absolutely the anti Christ don't fall for his money black people. I realized that Obama is as crooked he was just a puppet that could be bought. hail trump he's God sent!

  6. I always have to laugh at Cheatin Pete claiming union workers are clinging desperately to the measly healthcare that the unions negotiated IN LIEU OF PAY OF COURSE. Comical! Half assed Obamacare-type healthcare is a tool employers use to keep you desperate.

  7. Andrew Yang is Still on the Ballot if Integrity is still important to you in a presidential candidate. Vote Yang. If policies that will make safer and stronger.
    Vote Andrew Yang

  8. The current actual gen pop voter mood is a populist one. Bloomberg is the antithesis of that. Ditto Killary.

    Bernie is the Dems best chance … assuming they are actually interested in winning. I'm not certain their donor class is. That Wall street banking portion of that audience is perfectly content with Trump. They will do anything it takes to ensure Bernie is sidelined. From their perspective, its actually good if the Dem nominee sucks and Trump wins again. As long as its not Bernie.

    The Bern won't play well in many swing states but .. he is the closest thing to a credible populist the Dems have.

  9. I may vote Bloomsburg just to destroy the Democrats. Hopefully something that represents the people can be resurrected from the ashes. I see Yang pick everyone up, tell them they are ok but we have something to do and let’s get to work.

  10. Michael Bloomberg is an extremely calculating , sociopathic , nazi ' social cleanser ' . He opposed an increase to minimum wage increases . He opposed sick leave for workers . He drove the working class out of New York City and handed the city over to domestic and foreign oligarchs . He is a ' Little Hitler ' with money . While Trump is a nightmare , he is a Boy Scout compared to Bloomberg . Bloomberg will basically introduce feudalistic measures rendering the working class and poor as powerless serfs . The hate that Bloomberg has demonstrated for common folk is legendary . He is a very nasty short man with a Napoleonic complex . An uglier individual is very hard to imagine .

  11. your..KRYSTAL broken..both sanders who you pant after..and bloomberg will lose.and the rest of the dems will run out of money..unlees you keep bailing them out…your constant lies and impeachment..will easily turn out to be the thing..that will…REELECT TRUMP..and you will wonder why he won..AGAIN.

  12. I believe that that establishment needs to be took down justice needs to come in freeze all the bank rolls that they have and put them under investigation till we figure out how they got it and most of them will probably go to jail, I would think that that's just another story in there frivolous, lying, careers, and 🤔🤔 😎

  13. I would say Joe Biden is running in second but he's hobbling on a bunch of crutches that the establishment is provided to keep him there and Bloomberg he's running around the country buying all his delegates and these delegates😱😱they'll, well hopefully they will have to pay for it, someday( Justice Maybe??) somewhere down the line, hell the dinosaurs died better than that you'll probably want to party when you go out,?? "huh" you deserve a party all right,, are boot and your ass😡😡 😝😜🤪😛😉😝😜😎😎😜🤪😝😉😛

  14. Respectfully, I believe the voting purges, suppressions and other dirty tricks used to deny millions their right to vote had far more to do with why Clinton lost&Trump won than the Blk voters who chose not to vote and supposedly stayed home.

  15. I am rooting for a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket which will destroy the corporate Dem party. Then whoever Trump or Bloomberg wins – the economy will collapse under their reign. If Bernie wins he will be blamed for the collapsed economy.

  16. When you understand that the oligarchs are propping up the status quo, you begin to understand that they don’t care if the rabble stays home. The elite and establishment “we know what’s best for you” don’t want to hear the voice of the working class. Polling shows overwhelming support for, not socialist but, policies designed to save an existing but deeply flawed capitalist system. The oligarchs and their fawning media and political elite don’t care. Make no mistake. We are in a class war. I support regime change.

  17. He advocated to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to prevent sequestering to protect defense spending. A man worth $60 billion, wants to decrease Health Care and retirement available to everyone over 65, and screw over the poor, to protect defense spending (which he would be invested in). Unelectable.

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