Krystal Ball: Why Biden Is Winning By Promising Americans NOTHING

Krystal Ball: Why Biden Is Winning By Promising Americans NOTHING

Krystal Ball examines the policy proposals from Joe Biden and Donald Trump. She also shares her thoughts on what would happen if Democrats take control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

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  1. So stupid. Joe has promised to take all guns away. He is not against gun violence. He just thinks everyone else is a 3 year old child and we need grandpa to manage our lives. He also promises us more taxes, more regulation, distrust and destruction of "the system", "free" education, "free" health care, various "free" bullshit given out in rations, you know the normal bullshit all Democrats do because they think they are better than you and I are. No Joe I don't want you to "promise" me anything. I do want you to just go take a nap for the next 4 or 20 years.

  2. i dont really hear media talking about bernie bros often.

    Biden was the worst of the last bunch of candidates, but the best candidate for president in our lifetimes.
    Especially with Kamal as his running mate, who sponsored the lift act. People don't realize Biden was often to the left of Obama.

  3. Lately, Biden seems much more lucid than he was during the primaries. I think that they are drugging him before any public speaking event to keep him lively and more focused. If Biden wins this election, he won't be running the federal government, his handlers will be doing all that's necessary to keep the donor class satisfied.

  4. Of course trust in our fellow citizens has deteriorated. It is the “collective will” of our fellow citizens that keeps on electing corrupt nincompoops like Schumer, McConnell, and Pelosi to Washington. Everyone knows the toilet has been flushed, and our Country is circling like a turd waiting to go down. Although there is consensus that we have a problem, many blame the problems on others. “It’s those damned southern racists” or “those damned California socialists.” Let’s face it, our institutions have collectively turned on the average American while seeking massive wealth and power. It’s all fine until the shit goes down…

  5. I love the way republicans criticise Democratic Presidents. Trump and Bush's (junior and senior) wrecked the economy leaving democrats to pick up the pieces. The Republicans are wonderful whiners. They are just sh*t at governing.

  6. Biden is winning because the Trump presidency was an absolute failure. Sky rocketing unemployment, a recession and hundreds of thousands dead. How could anyone think that a serial bankruptee and moral degenerate could succeed as a President?

  7. Our current state of despair is the inevitable result of elevating wealth as the ultimate standard of human worth. The early Calvinists did this, believing that wealth is evidence of divine favor. 150 years or so later, the social Darwinists reiterated this conviction while deleting God from the equation (I suspect the Almighty may in fact be grateful for the "oversight"). So those with the jingle in their pockets felt smug and condescending toward those without, while the latter both envied "the rich" and despised them for making those with shallower pockets feel as if they were marginalized, a chronically dependent subspecies. America is in desperate need of an ambitious cultural reevaluation, a "self-cleansing" of sorts. Sad to say, Biden is no more prepared to encourage this than is Trump. That so many who might self-identify as "social conservatives" embraced Trump as their political messiah is testimony to how bankrupt their latter-day Calvinism truly is.

  8. Can anyone explain why Americans chose Biden? I'm completely puzzled. They had a chance to make a better choice. Why would they choose someone who will not do them any good? I've searched hard, but can't find an answer. In fact, I haven't even seen many raising this question!

  9. How are you both totally missing the fact that many voters are seeing everything that you are saying about Joe Biden and just can’t vote for him? You assume that he will win this election.

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