Krystal Ball: TulsaFlop! The real reason Trump's rally FAILED

Krystal Ball: TulsaFlop! The real reason Trump's rally FAILED

Krystal Ball slams the Trump administration for their Saturday rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma that drew fewer than 6,200 attendants.

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  1. Chris Wallace and Crystal seemingly get a buzz out of trying to denegrate TRUMP when ever there's an opening. WTF is this parent of a 12 yr old Daughter teaching her Kid when she talks like she does. "Utterly destroys him" Crystal still does't see the big Picture, throwing Polls around like they are the truthful answers to all scenario's. Really starting to dislike her. I view one more negative rambling from her , no more views to the Hill.Had enough of her Bullshit

  2. Saagar's point about how Trump is "attacking" the pandemic like he attacked the Mueller investigation….is spot on and insightful.
    Trump seems to have only ONE mode…..blame, deflect, whine, insult, attack, repeat. That's…
    But a virus is 100% immune to ALL of that. Trump's tactics are utterly ineffective here….and he doesn't even seem to realize it.
    Someone needs to remind Trump that HE'S IN CHARGE. If he's not happy with how this pandemic is being handled…then step up, and lead. Offer a better alternative if you don't like how others are handling it. Merely blaming others solves jack shit.
    Honestly….I don't know why anyone is surprised by this. Did anyone seriously think Trump had the discipline, intellectual curiosity, or sense of responsibility necessary to confront a truly existential threat? His posturing may have worked for the past 3 years….when all the problems were either of his own making, or simply conceptual in nature. But now that he's confronting an actual literal material threat…..he's useless. All he can do is what he's always done….whine about everyone and everything that isn't himself.
    But while that may satisfy the small cadre of sycophants that worship him, the majority of us are baffled by his lack of competency and leadership. He's objectively terrible at leading….at rallying people and effectively delegating to mitigate actual threats. That would take work…and discipline…and self reflection…and intellectual honesty…and a thick skin…and a focus on others as opposed to himself. And those are all the things he's worst at.
    But seriously………….did anyone really think he was capable of rising to the occasion? Does anyone still think he's somehow more capable than he's shown himself to be? He's always been like this. He's 74. He will never change. We're stuck with his fumbling ineffective rantings. He's an old man yelling at a virus as the rest of us look on in disbelief. ANYONE reading this right now would handle this situation better than him. As a nation we really sold ourselves short by putting a man in charge….that is less capable than 99% of the people he's supposed to be shepherding through this.

  3. Didn't think the Tulsa rally was a flop. What do you expect when the left is doing everything to ruin it. Getting tickets they were not going to even use….etc!

  4. I think conservatives should repay the prank, if this is how AOC wants to play ball let's do it. I will make sure that my grandkids are educated to these young commies tactics!

  5. Let's ignore two facts, shall we?

    1) 12 million people watched that rally – on TV and online – FOX's biggest audience ever on Prime time Saturday. And FOX is number one news network on cable

    2) TRUMP is getting record numbers of primary votes as an incumbent. FAR MORE than Obama or Bush did as incumbents – and during a pandemic too.

  6. I can't wait for another compilation video of Trump's naysayers after he is elected again. Keep believing the polls, we know how well that worked out for you.

  7. Am I the only one missing the poll wherein people are asked if they think Trump is in cognitive decline? I know it's currently the strongest offense they have against Biden but given the last few years, Trump isn't doing too hot in that area either.

  8. Krystal in the beginning I liked what you had to say but lately your wrinkles are starting to show and I can't even listen to you anymore. I don't know if it's your tonality or tempo or just what your starting to so call report. Saagar is awesome but you are grating on me so I can't watch this anymore. Let me know where Saagar goes when this is over please I will watch that.

  9. So let me get this straight. You believe the same polls that had killary winning by a landslide. He had over 12 million viewers online. The economy was up and climbing before the virus unemployment the lowest it has ever been before the virus. The reason unemployment is staying down is Democrats leaders are keeping their states cities locked down and there still is a virus. People dont need to show up or push it out there. They already know who they're voting for.

  10. It still shocks me how proud Democrats are that they lied and tricked people out of going. I personally know at least 6 people that didn't go, because they didn't think they could get in. Add all the covid "fear mongering" and the violent protests leading up to it, and he still had a bigger rally than 90% of the dem candidates in a healthy unthreatening environment

  11. 5: 16 Fox poll approx. June 20, 2020 – Favorable opinion of people who wear face masks
    80 % average for all
    89 % Democrats
    68 % Republicans
    61 % Strongly approve of Trump
    People are (partially) more reasonable than I thought, the rabidly anti masks and corona virus is a hoax or severely overrated crowd is just very vocal online.

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