Krystal Ball: Trump has bought into resistance narrative about his presidency

Krystal Ball: Trump has bought into resistance narrative about his presidency

Krystal Ball blasts Trump’s speeches smearing the Black Lives Matter movement over the 4th of July weekend.

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  1. Listening to krystal downplay the importance of revisionist history is disgusting. You apparently dont get how that is such an issue. Biden has jumped off the deep end with a far left platform.

  2. Trump is a narcissist and a fraud but what he's saying here I believe is true, even if his delivery is incredibly crass and annoying. Too many "liberals" have their blinders on when it comes to what's really coming from the far end of our political spectrum. If the Republicans allowed for the fringes of the Right (Nazis, KKK) to take over and infiltrate the mainstream I would see them as an existential threat to our society. What's coming from BLT is Marxism and blatant anarchist, anti-American motivation, using racism as a Trojan horse. Most people are simply ignorant of history.

  3. Krystal, yes, it is all about race with republicans. And you are so tied into Bernie that you forget Biden, regardless of any shortcomings, will stick to the party platform. That’s what the majority of Dems wants, not Bernie pie in the sky promises. That what the bigot offered. How’s it working out for his supporters?

  4. Krystal doesn't understand that it is the states' governors who have their citizens lining up for food because they are starving. What's that? Left-wing states are struggling the most? Alt-Left is running cancel culture? Far-Left tearing down statues of elks? Does Krystal even acknowledge that Pres. Trump is talking about the ideological civil war for our youths? No, because she is in her ivory tower yelling orange man bad. The apple doesn't fall too far from the MSNBC tree does it Racheal Maddow Krystal Ball.

  5. 🤣😂🤣😂Trump is going to roll. There are gong to be so many shocked faces in November. The fallout will be tremendous.
    Here's my Predictions:
    Trumps going to get the largest share of Black support of any Republican since the 1930's
    Trumps going to get a larger share of the Hispanic vote than he did in 2016.
    The white working class is going to come out of the woodwork in droves to vote for Trump.
    The special elections in California and Wisconsin are to date the best indicators for the fall drubbing that is coming.
    It will be like 2010 only in a Presidential election year instead of a Midterm.
    Congressional democrats at both the state and federal levels are going to get wiped out and Trump will find himself the most powerful he has been yet.
    Watch: MI, OH, FL, WI, IA, MN, PA, NC, NV, NM and VA.
    democrats will rue the day they decided to abandon the working class to play footsie with Marxists and Racists.

    …and although anecdotal, I live in a swing state. I personally haven't met or know one person who voted for Trump in 2016 that is not voting for him again in 2020,
    but I have met and know people who voted for Hillary in 2016 that are either voting for Trump or are voting a Third Party this time around.
    I do not know a single person voting for Joe Biden that didn't vote for Hillary last time…a Zero Net Gain while incurring losses.

  6. Actually Krystal, you're wrong. The mob that wants to divorce America from the principles of the Enlightenment should be of greater concern to you and me than any virus or food pantry line. Food pantry lines will increase exponentially in number if they have their way. Just ask the Russians from the 1920s or the Chinese from the 1950s and 1960s. You are ignorant of world history and how these things start.

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