Krystal Ball: New 'Uber For Evictions' Startup Previews Our HELLISH Future

Krystal Ball: New 'Uber For Evictions' Startup Previews Our HELLISH Future

Krystal Ball blasts the startup ‘Civvl’ which Vice News dubbed the uber of evictions during the pandemic.

Krystal Ball blasts the startup ‘Civvl’ which Vice News dubbed the uber of evictions during the pandemic.

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  1. Capitalism reduces scarcity. Planned economies maximize scarcity. What we're looking at right now is a new peak in economic planning by progressive governors and mayors and even Dear Leader with this eviction moratorium and it's resulting in huge levels of unemployment and the government (aka, the people still paying taxes) doesn't have the cash to cover the rent check (or landlord's mortgage payments).

  2. I really can't understand the logic of evicting people in today's economy. Who is going to fill that woman's spot in that apartment?

    With so many Americans struggling, there's going to come a point where that woman is evicted and no one with be able to take her place. Would it be better for that apartment to be vacant completely?

    We need a mortgage and rent freeze until this crisis is over. This logic of evicting people just doesn't work.

  3. This is nothing new. I lived in Michigan in the 80s when the car companies started outsourcing jobs in earnest. They would lay off thousands and then rehire 100s for crews to disassemble the factories so the machines could be sent to other countries.

  4. First of all, nobody owes
    You anything. The idea that America “owes” its citizens free room and board is borderline communist. It sucks but somebody has to do this, you can’t realistically expect landlords to let tenants live in a house or apartment forever without paying rent. I’ve been threatened with eviction before, I had to sell my stuff to pay my rent. Life can be cold and cruel.

  5. The debt collection and cruise ship industries got bailed out but we only got a one time check. Meanwhile everyone gets help monthly in canada. Wheres the emergency UBI

  6. This society is not a torch that gives light and heat to people, It's an Evil place that takes light and heat from people. Don't wonder why the world is so bad, You already know the answer. You Accept it and doesn't look for change!

  7. Meanwhile in the streets: BLM vs Proud Boys, same people being told they are not the same. But what worked in Rwanda can also work in the US. Go Murica!

  8. How about let people go back to work. Id be willing to bet Ayn Rand would've agreed. Their economic analysis is honestly embarrassing. Tax and spend and print and spend. That's it.

  9. Uber gives restaurants more business from lazy bastards like myself, while giving people work on the side for the delivery. Uber is a tri-point benefit for business, driver, and customer. This shit has the sole benefactor as lazy shit property owners making money simply for owning property get to do even less work.

  10. What's the alternative to artificial scarcity goods are created you need incentive for this creation government run goods production is not effectiveit's constantly talk about how the systems don't work properly without any viable alternative Even the existing social programs that we have in place are broken

  11. my grandmother needs the rent money to pay her mortgage and you're telling me that if she can find a cheaper way to get tenants out that won't pay it's evil The whole concept of this video is absurd I agree it's unfortunate that measures weren't taken to prevent this from happening but why should landlords get stuck holding the bag

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