Krystal Ball: Is a populist revolution coming against Mitch McConnell?

Krystal Ball: Is a populist revolution coming against Mitch McConnell?

Krystal Ball explains how progressive Rep. Charles Booker has emerged as a leader in the Kentucky Senate primary.

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  1. McConnell should have to resign just from keeping voting for the Covid relief bills for so long! Why does anybody want to vote for a politician that doesn't care about the American people?

  2. Krystal Ball is the epitome of a empty headed liberal, who has no answers for anything. Maybe she needs an actual crystal ball to help her figure out, who she actually is. She may be devastated to find out that all Demorats believe in crystal balls, when it comes to corrupt "Sleepy" Joe Biden. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!


    HANDLERS: "Whatever you say, never admit you voted for Obama." 

    BALL:  "But, I'm a Democrat. Of course, I voted for him."  

    HANDLERS:  "Forget that; if you say it, the GOP will have a campaign ad of you saying that you voted for Obama!  

    BALL: "But, when I jump all around avoiding the question, won't GOP voters see what I'm doing?" 

    HANDLERS:  "Sure, but remember, most people won't watch this interview, but EVERYONE will see the GOP ads, which will run constantly."  

    BALL:  But, isn't that being dishonest?  

    HANDLERS:  "You should have thought about that before getting into politics!” 

    BALL:  "I don't know; I feel embarrassed about avoiding questions and basically lying to people."  

    Handler #1 to Handler #2:  "What are we going to do with this lady?" 

    Handler # 2:  "Ask her if she wants to be honest, or have a shot at winning?"  

    Ball: "I guess I will have to tell a small lie for the greater good of serving." 

    Handlers: "That's the ticket!  

    Ball:  "Still, I feel uneasy about it."  

    Handlers:  "Ahh, don't worry about it.  You'll be fine.  Just look how successful Mitch has been?  He hardly ever thinks about the truth anymore. It's all about getting elected.

  4. To the Congress you Should know by now that$1200 Simply isn't enough to live on!!! We the people who gave you your Jobs really need your help now with a good Stimulus amount like$2000 to live on!!! I think that MITCH MCCONNELL is bad for this Country he really is not for the people!!! PEOPLE YOU REALLY NEED TO OPEN UP YOUR EYES HE NEEDS TO GO ,VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE BYE BYE BYE!!!

  5. Krystal you make your views as clear as a bucket of Mud. I have not made it to the end of your video because I have a difficult time with your opinion, unclear . And your Voice and facial expressions are difficult to watch and listen too.

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