Krystal Ball: Is A Massive Economic Crash Inevitable?

Krystal Ball: Is A Massive Economic Crash Inevitable?

Krystal Ball highlights the need for action when it comes to Americans struggling with the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Personally, I think Biden is going to win and yes I'll hold my nose and vote for him, even though I am sick to death of voting for the lesser of 2 EVILS!!!!!! What worries me on Biden is his failure to at the very least promise Medicare for all. Hillary stole the nomination from Sanders, anyone remember how that worked out? Now Barack Obama and Jim Clyburn stole the nomination again from Sander, would it surprise anyone if the same thing happened again? It wouldn't surprise me one little bit. TheReaper!

  2. This one time stimulus is just barely enough to get back to months after lockdown! It's sad that this leader and administrations knew about this pandemic and did nothing to slow or stopped it….this country would have been opened for spring and summer! We may not even have a fall season 🙁

    Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year…won't be the same

  3. No matter what happens, as long as the US isn’t socialist, Krystal will predict a coming economic collapse. She is nothing but a doomsday prophet.

  4. Since the CARES act expired July 25th millions of unemployed workers have had their benefits completely run out. They are not being counted, this makes the national unemployment rate reported less than it actually is

  5. If Trump gets reelected you are going to be bankrupt. On the other hand if Biden gets elected you, your children and probably your grandchildren will be bankrupt. Not much of a choice.

  6. What about the hurricane that hit LA again? They are seriously left in limbo. Hurricane season isn't even over until the end of November. Remember POTUS Trump doesn't believe in Climate change. Neither does Joe-Bye-End 👋 💀 😒 🙄

  7. I am disgusted by the lack of empathy from politicians. The most horrific remark of all came from Ivanka when she told everyone to just "get a different job." – meaning: McDonalds, Amazon, pizza delivery (of course you'll need to work all 3 in order to make ends meet). Hey, Ivanka, Why don't you get an actual job?

  8. If you havent realized it by now there is little hope for you..The PROBLEM is "CONGRESS" and politics..Want it fixed..Demand "TERM LIMITS". Constitutional Amendment. Need 38 states to agree and its done. The career politicians are fighting for power. Take the incentive away..One Senate term and 3 House terms then out.. Judges must resign by their 70th birthday and members of Congress must resign to run for another office..

  9. The Great Depression was IGNORED for 3 1/2 years while Hoover was President. From the Oct. 29, 1929 stock market crash, and it wasn't until FDR was sworn in in March 4, 1933 that the government had a leader who would implement policies of change. It is interesting to see what similarities and differences are between our society and that of 1929 are. I hope we don't have a great depression, but it may take a stock market crash to have Trump lose.

  10. It is not that the millions of poor dispossessed unemployed do not vote,, they HAVE NOBODY TO VOTE FOR except these two puppets of the oligarchy BANANA REPUBLIC!

  11. Both parties are ignoring the millions of poor unemployed disposed Americans. Fertile grounds for rebellion. This 2020 election is a joke, a farcical exercise for the Banana Republic to say everything is fine… just wait.

  12. I can't believe I have to still explain this to people but the stock market is NOT the economy!
    And what the heck do ya mean "Is a massive economic crash inevitable"? It's been here for months.

  13. Unfortunately we lost the communist, socialists and organized labour due to the efforts of money classes over the 70 years. There are no such groups in America now. The poor and working class have lost their voice and in emotional depression they have withdrawn.

  14. Krystal you are so so right. What would Biden's response be if he actually visited small towns across America and talk to people in small groups? Would he feel the pain of Americans? I would hope so. I suspect if he then spoke to the Nation about the pain he experienced he might propose something different. He is too out of touch.

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