Krystal Ball: In the debate tired attacks on Bernie fall flat

Krystal Ball: In the debate tired attacks on Bernie fall flat

Krystal Ball explains why Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner in the Democratic Primary.

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  1. …every twenty years…. since the beginning of our country…. the incumbent President dies in office…. often in result of assassination…. often because he is progressive…(..Zach Taylor/Dred-Scott…. Benjamin Harrison etc..)… Reagan disrupted the trend…. the bullet that ALMOST killed him…(BushVeep)… stopped within one inch of his heart…. Bush the Second…. as far as we know…. also ducked the Doom…. Sanders 2020….. who will BACK his Play…? And HOW…? Hmmmm…. YGYZ! MAYBE WE SHOULD START ORGANIZING OURSELVES…. NOW!!!

  2. Can we PLEASE stop pretending the DNC doesn’t get it? They DO and they don’t WANT the things bernie does because their DONORS don’t want it. Please stop pretending they care about winning. They care about keeping the gravy train going and that means following oligarch marching orders. Please can we stop pretending we don’t understand that the dnc doesn’t understand? They do. They are corrupt. We don’t need to Call scooby Doo because there is no mystery here.

  3. Bernie needs to practice what he preaches. Since he got more votes than anyone else, those votes need to be re-distributed among the other candidates so they all have an equal amount. It's immoral for one candidate to have more votes than the bottom 1/2 of all the other candidates.

  4. This is the big difference between Bernie and all the others in the debates: The other candidates memorize talking points and one lines. Bernie memorizes cold hard facts about the status quo.

  5. When Bernie's supporters call BS out, it becomes attacks.
    When X's supporters go on rants and insults, that's okay. They don't notices it.
    What a bunch of desperate hypocrites.

  6. If DEMS screw over the voters with delegates again, they might as well kiss the party goodbye.
    I am 1 of those small donors behind BERNIE because Im not RICH, but Im giving everything I can to help. This is the 1st time in my life I EVER donated to a candidate because I believe in Bernie and his message for the future.
    It seems we will just get screwed over by delegates again because the majority doesnt matter to the Dem Party. If this happens, then I wont vote. If delegates want to choose their nominee while ignoring who gets most votes, they can vote for their choice by themselves. They will be to blame for the loss like last time.

  7. Bernie excites his supporters cause he always stood by his ideas and never compromised in his message(of course he compromised in bills but always for his goals) so he ONLY has hard support of people who litterally walk door to door for him – what biden has is soft support – a lot of people not realy invested in politics who think hes acceptable snd would generally vote for him – so hes not a good candidate – hes a nice guy and his legacy is mostly positive – he should have quit while he still had dignity and an impressive carier – now its getting sad

  8. Bernie showed to be incredibly strong and ready during that debate. He's well passed 70 years, and he's as sharp as an obsidian flake. He is at his best when the establishment pokes his sides with nonsense.

  9. The toxicity is coming from the DNC and BUTTGIG, who is trying to derail the process as an excuse for the fact he is NOT anyone the people want. So he sidelines the election with distracting bullshit, and his message is so many useless airless platitudes of meaninglessness. As Matt said of someone "he's mercifully free of the ravages of sanity" – Matt Taibbi, great quote, BUTTGIG is deceitful more than he's insane tho'

  10. The democratic establishment is as scared of Bernie as they are scared of losing to Trump again, they will do anything to stop him and I doubt they've learned much from 2016. Voters need to lock this down right away, if it comes to a contested convention they will almost certainly try to steal the nomination from Bernie, shoving a much less popular candidate down voter's throats and all but guaranteeing 4 more years of Trump.
    Just winning isn't going to be enough for Bernie, he needs that majority. Elizabeth Warren has no path to the nomination. If there's even just a spark of actual progressive authenticity left in her, she needs to drop out and endorse Bernie before Super Tuesday.

  11. How about the CIA has come to Bernie and Trump and tried to say the Russians are interfering trying to help you win. So who is it? The CIA and it's handlers have a hardon for a war with Russia.

  12. As a Trump supporter Im loving this.  When an old, white, grumpy communist is the front runner out of a nation of 330 million…  Never have I seen such a weak group.  If the new SARS virus hits killing thousands causing the market to crash maybe, just maybe Sanders would have an even chance.  Oh wait, the State Dept. just put a bunch of infected people on a jet air liner for hours on a flight from Japan against Trumps wishes.  The deep state leftist hacks in the State Dept. have so much hate for Trump that they knowingly import the pandemic virus.  Trump Derangement Syndrome at its worst.

  13. Why is it that to be a shrewd, hard working businessman and become rich and successful is a crime? That used to be the American model. Now you are punished for it. I do not like Bloomberg and his policies but if he is rich, more power to him. This is what l hate with these democrats, they want you to be guilty and apologetic for being successful.

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