Krystal Ball: Hunter Reveals Biden's War On Drugs Hypocrisy

Krystal Ball: Hunter Reveals Biden's War On Drugs Hypocrisy

Krystal Ball blasts the New York Post for publishing photos of Hunter Biden in the throes of his addiction and draws parallels to high drug use in the U.S. amid the pandemic.

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  1. There's laws in the United States that makes it illegal to access encrypted data on someone else's computer. I am a security analyst, and find it deeply troubling that no one has mentioned that the shop owner is the only one who acted out of pocket here. Those photos have zero credibility because the proper chain of possesion wasnt used. They could have been anything, they might be fake, they might be old photos he made as a parody, they could be anything and they might be real. The bottom line is it doesnt matter who's son he is, or is not he still should be subject to the same privacy you, I, or anyone else can expect. The shop owner should have had the password. You know if your working on a Mac, or own one then you know you need admin key chain permission in order to change hardware on it. It really doesn't matter though whether the owner guessed it, brute forced it, or had it due to the fact he should have had if in the first place. The fact is that the only time it is ok to release encrypted data to anyone including yourself as a tech – I don't look at data on systems I work on, I might scan the code but what that data specifically communicates is none of my business – is when it is child pornography, or murder, but like I said it's better off not looking at it. I think this guy is full of crap to be honest. I might be wrong, but right or wrong doesnt change that Hunter Biden is a victim on this, and media should know that it's kinda dirty pool to use a victim as leverage on a political message. The guys an addict, well ya know so are a lot of people. They are still people, and i actually have more respect for Joe Biden knowing he has had to struggle that same battle others have. I didn't vote for Joe, but if you can still love a crack addict then you got some kinda heart. Also, Joe Biden's drug policies came at a time much, much different than now. Back then if you were white, and driving in certain parts of town, the chances of you making it home with your vehicle and clothes were about on par with winning the power ball lotto. The bills were tough, a lot of people wound up In prison a long time. Today you have a much better chance of making it home driving in the same streets. It was off the rez crazy. So, maybe as reporters you could show us something like whether Joe used his clout to prevent Hunter from being accountable? But, you can't because Hunter wasn't a crack dealer which is what the law targets, its very specific, it doest give crack addicts mandatory 20 year terms, it gave the dealers 20 year terms for selling crack. Let the guy be, and let Joe be on this matter. It's their business not ours.

  2. Biden jailed many on drug problems. Report a double standards. Poor kids jailed, and destroyed yet Hunter a privileged kid. Biden is a liar, just a career crooked politician. Biden’s family enriched themselves with ties to foreign enemy countries. Hunter’s laptop has the information. Liberal Media covers up thee. crime. Biden sits above the law.not worthy of. being presidents and endangering our country. Liberal media toys with lives of Americans. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I spent 10 years in a Federal Prison for manufacturing marijuana under the 1995 Crime Bill….not only was Joe Biden the endorser of this bill, but his co-hort Kamala Harris now goes around town joking with talk shows on how "weed is no big deal" and laughing. I will never vote for either of these people!

  4. The pictures are relevant. Why would China do business with a guy like that?

    Beau Biden was an Army lawyer yet was awarded our nation's third highest award for gallantry on the battlefield. How does a lawyer do that? His father VP got him that award.

  5. Didn’t you hear? He said he made a mistake? A lot of people and administrations thought you had to be hard on drugs to solve the problem. If you treat it like a mental illness things look different and how you approach the problem looks different. At least Biden admits he was wrong. Should he get a chance to prove himself. That he has learned from having a personal experience, Trump learns nothing from experience. Try Again!

  6. Equality, what is it? take a good look at yourself, do you talk to a rich powerful person the same way you talk to joe blow? Ask yourself that question, I know the answer if you for some reason are having a problem with it!

  7. “The trashy New York Post”? Uhh huh…

    Perhaps if more media outlets would be interested in the actual story you wouldn’t have to add bait like cracked out pictures in articles.

  8. The problem is it so much that he’s the Vice President’s son, as it is he’s rich. Not that am bashing the rich. I have nothing against them. The rich get all kinds of second chances cause of their money. And that’s the problem right there. When you’re rich you get to use drugs as much as you won’t without any problem, cause you get pay for help, or use your money to get the best lawyers.

  9. Trump was trying to point out graft that Hunter was involved in. Joe on the other hand was denying corruption money was given to Hunter. His addiction was not the issue at all. I think the point was missed, that VP Joe Biden owes the people who gave Hunter money, because Joe got a cut of the dirty money.

  10. One of the first times I completely disagree. Biden made the choice to be a leader in pushing the drug war and crime bills. He does not hold his man-child, who is also a deadbeat father, to the same standards he has forced on millions of Americans. He does not believe in the rule of law and this shows it.

  11. No your trash to think it isn't relevant because he did do it himself then daddy used his power to hide it so trump is right and you are wrong the bidens are corrupt as biden said he wants to legalize cocaine oh isn't that the first form of crack yep so your wrong be honest to yourself the hill has become a small cnn

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