Krystal Ball: Here's The Absolute BEST We Can Hope For From Biden

Krystal Ball: Here's The Absolute BEST We Can Hope For From Biden

Krystal Ball highlights what she calls the “stand out moments” of Joe Biden’s career.

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  1. Obama didint hate Joe Biden. That's what I don't like about pundits. They act as if they know these people when they've never met them or have maybe met once. You don't know these people. It's just Access Hollywood, ET, and TheShadeRoom for politics.

  2. So, maybe , this is why Bernie couldn't bring himself to attack Biden as he should've. Maybe Bernie sees that humanity Krystal was talking about, and as an outcast himself, he empathizes with Joe struggling among the snub elites that only see engagement on intellectual endeavors and positions of power as a way to build their false sense of superiority instead of genuine interest to explore the universe, and enrich the human condition.

  3. Yes Biden does rather like children he'll even touch them inappropriately in public – whether theyre from a gay couple or not. He's particularly keen on them looking at him positively as this doesnt seem to happen after hes been touching them.

  4. This is an objective and well thought out assessment of Biden. We need objectivity more than ever if we are going to get Scranton Joe to get behind real progressive policy and change when he is president . Thank you Krystal.

  5. Continued neoliberal status quo laissez-faire economics is going to destroy the economy. Biden needs to go to Keynesian economics. If not, it's the end of America as everyone knows it. 33% of the economy was erased because of laissez-faire economics. Demand side, bottom up economics is the only thing that will save the economy.

  6. Biden is a career thug. When is he going to be arrested for rackateering and selling out America to China. Anybody else would be arrested and charged immediately. He is a danger to American citizens dealing with the communist party for money. He and his family are flight risks, so they should sit in jail just like any other person .

  7. If he does what he said he would….medicare qualifying age 60, minimum wage to $15, shore up social security and medicare, take global warming seriously, I will be happy.

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