Krystal Ball: Get Over 2016, Trump Looks Headed For Major Defeat

Krystal Ball: Get Over 2016, Trump Looks Headed For Major Defeat

Krystal Ball compares Joe Biden’s run against President Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton’s run against Trump in 2016. She also highlights the impact of Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis and his debate performance.

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  1. I saved this to my politics favorites to play on occasion to demonstrate how stupid liberals are….i love doing that. Im still playing the greatest collapse from a candidate in history in 2016.

  2. Uhhhh…..nothing's changed! except you crooked F's have joe crypt keeper biden in there instead of crooked hilry. I think krystal needs to let go of bidens nuts once and for all!!! WE DON'T WANT THE OBUMMER ADMINISTRATION BACK IN OFFICE!!! SORRY KRYSTAL

  3. Why is she even given a chance to make predictions when she couldn't predict her way out of a paperbag. Have a plate of crow wating for her on Nov. 3 scumbag
    Trump 2020 by a landslide😜!!!

  4. To all the anti Trump cheerleaders, just know this: if Biden wins in a landslide, the progressive Left will be inconsequential to any substantive policy for the next 8-12 years.

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