Krystal Ball: Establishment wants Bernie vs Biden, bring it on

Krystal Ball: Establishment wants Bernie vs Biden, bring it on

Krystal Ball discusses the Democratic establishment supporting Joe Biden to stop the Bernie Sanders movement.

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  1. meanwhile it is now 4/8/20 and Bernie Sanders has suspended his candidacy……. bring it on! Ha ha ha! PS what's up with the whole "suspend my campaign" is that some politically correct participation trophy horseshit! The San Francisco 49er's didn't "suspend" their season because the Chiefs kicked their ass….. they lost and had the balls to just say "I lost" God help us survive until PC insanity has passed into the history books under stupid shit never to ever repeat!

  2. Its weird because here in this video when Bernie was winning you say bring it on! Let the voters decide! Be careful what you wish for!

    And when they chose Biden it becomes Oh will they just chose him because of the media!! They just chose him because they believe he has the best chance to beat Trump. Its not in any way because they might disagree with some of Bernie's positions. That's not why they are choosing the more moderate Democrat. That's just a wild coincidence! I mean obviously every Dem believes its a good position to strip 100 million Americans of their private health insurance that their employer is paying for and then BANNING it. So it cant be that… it just cant be!

    I wonder how long until all of the Sanders supporters start saying just because Biden got a plurality of the delegates…that doesn't mean he should get the nomination!! The Super Delegates can vote for Sanders in the 2nd round!! Even though you have been saying the exact opposite when it looked like Sanders was going to go to a convention with a plurality. Weird.

  3. Pretty telling in retrospect: the strength of the legacy media and political establishment is much more than we and krystal thought, at least in a context where most dems are just desperate to beat trump

  4. Yep. They want Biden vs.Trump. Perfect representatives of the powerful Establishment we've suffered since Clinton/Reagan threw working people under the bus. The former threw in a nod to civil rights, the latter threw in a nod to militancy and everybody was happy, happy, happy with the cake dance….NOT. Please, Establishment– let your people go! We're tired of slaving for you.

  5. Yeah, right. The Corporate Establishment Dirty Dems wanted Biden so much that they sent him into Super Tuesday with no money, no campaign ads and no campaign offices in a whole slew of Super Tuesday states. Where does Krystal Ball get her info from? Russia? Or Trump? Doesn't much matter because Trump and Russia echo each other, and they are both promoting this shit. Biden won big on Super Tuesday because people voted for him. Maybe you don't like it, but it's not some conspiracy. It's an election.

  6. Biden may have won a pyrrhic victory on Super Tuesday and sadly he may win the Democratic nomination, but ultimately he will lose one way or another and with another four years of Trump we all lose whether we support him or not.

  7. Krystal, Bernie is done. He is going to get crushed again in the next round of primaries. Then he needs to drop out. Bernie is no Democrat and voters are rejecting his fantasy policies that will never see the light of day. You better get behind Biden or you will be living under a dictatorship with this deranged orange lunatic who will stack the courts with far right wing judges.

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