Krystal Ball: Don't Fool Yourself, Donald Trump Isn't Going Anywhere

Krystal Ball: Don't Fool Yourself, Donald Trump Isn't Going Anywhere

Krystal Ball explains why there won’t be a “post-Trump” era regardless of the election results.

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  1. It’s incredible that crystal ball still has a position as a news caster? No political commentator. She is still ignorant or lying. The latter being the worst. Suppose we can always forgive ignorance.
    Oh! Since it’s crystal balls blog this time I’m not even gonna listen to it. I’ve listen to Sagar, he is more reasonable.

  2. These never trumpers are delusional. Republican voters are tied of foriegn war loving, globalist zombie Reaganites like bill Kristol. The party has fundamentally changed under trump for the better. It's more nationalistic ,more anti war and not going to anoint some war hawk wife like liz Cheney. Keep draining the swMp

  3. My fellow friends that are dancing in the streets now will have a much bigger pill to swallow later on. I’ve been hammering home you cant just treat the symptom when you’re sick and expect the cause of the disease to go away.

  4. "Voter suppression?" You mean the fact that the Democrats don't want ANY standards for voting, such as providing identification when voting, while Republicans WANT identification cards when voting? You call that "suppression"? In this day and age, there are too many cases for fraud, on all levels. If I had my way, you would have to request an absentee ballot, you couldn't vote no more than a month away from an election, provide identification WHEN voting, and ALL ballots (mail-in or otherwise) must be submitted by mail (post-marked) or on site by midnight on election day. No exceptions. And if you are late to the polls or don't submit an absentee ballot on time, too bad. And I say this because we require this for other countries, when acting as political observers, but strangely don't have a uniform or standardized system when voting. Funny how we talk about "democracy", and yet we don't practice it, particularly the DP…

  5. That was a great segment. I agree Trump isn't going anywhere. He may have lost, but he has received the 2nd most amount of votes of any presidential candidate of all time. The tweets will continue. Cable News needs Trump for their ratings. What is Jim Acosta going to do without him?

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