Krystal Ball dismantles media's outrageous coverage of Bernie's win

Krystal Ball dismantles media's outrageous coverage of Bernie's win

Krystal Ball describes how the mainstream media smears against Bernie backfired.

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  1. Most of these comments are about a month old…. Today is March 20th 2020…. If bernie gave a good god damn about this country, he would have dropped out after super Tuesday, then after Tuesday March 17th, when Biden swept Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, sanders still hasn't dropped out!!! He said that he would support the democratic candidate if he didn't win the nomination, during the debate in Washington on March 15th… Yet sanders seems poised to perpetrate the same self-centered stunt that he did in 2016, remaining in the race long after he has lost any real path to victory… What a pitiful, self-involved little gnome bernie is!! Disgusting!!!

  2. Labels split hairs and control the minds of the masses…Bernie is the only Presidential candidate that works for ALL the people…and has for 40 years. If you want to know who has your best interests look for the person who is most hated and feared by the 1%…they are now spending small fortunes to try and derail the movement.

  3. Go Krystal she is the ONLY one in media telling the truth! It’s sad to see and really hear the media out themselves like Chris Matthews I guess their bosses over at CNN and NBC nudged then and all of their golf buddies are gagging over Bernie they need to eat it and get onboard and stop cockblocking

  4. How come no one is talking about how much Medicare for All would help Small Business? Existing business or someone who wanted to start one. Medicare for All would greatly help small business compete against the Mega Giant Big Box store or Large corporations in other industries.

  5. Pete still leads by 2 delegates. After Nevada he will lose that lead for good. Bernie will then be #1 in all metrics. He will stay on top until the (likely brokered) convention. Then they will try to nominate Bloomberg and there will be violence. Antifa will side with Bernie and be egged on by the Squad. Hillary and Obama will chime in supporting Bloomberg. Trump will need to be bound and gagged to prevent jumping into the fray via twitter. Tulsi should suddenly announce a third party run and tell the MSM "I lied". This will be more entertaining than anything else on tv.

  6. The answer I give to the above question is: "No, Bernie has actually risen not the other way around. Last time he was only able to beat 1 other candidate in NH, this time he beat 9 other candidates. That's a 900% increase!"

    Equally valid and logically sound as their talking point.

  7. "The media"…. So Trump was right? It is really all fake news…now? Was it always fake news or just now that Bernie is criticized? Bernie bros and MAGA maniacs are now standing side by side crying "FAKE NEWS!" LOL.
    OR… could it just be that fanatics of either stripe simply cannot accept criticisms of their dear leaders? Maybe they're BOTH just extremist cults? Hmmm…

  8. Thank you for pointing this out. They are dividing the party with these unfair and dishonest segments. It is so obvious it is insulting peoples intelligents. Bernie Sanders supporters are going to stay home or vote for Trump if they feel cheated.

  9. Amy Klobuchar the one who built her carrer by sending an 11 year old kid to prison instead of rehabilitation.
    And a kid who might actually be innocent. No, just no.

  10. I really enjoy your show and think you are both are very smart. but how can you possibly believe that a majority of Americans would EVER elect a socialist (communist)? It will NEVER happen.

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