Krystal Ball breaks down MSNBC stages of Bernie grief

Krystal Ball breaks down MSNBC stages of Bernie grief

Krystal Ball weighs in on the news coverage of Bernie Sanders’ big Nevada win.

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  1. Well the DNC did their job and tanked Bernie. Oh well. If you still think the DNC isn't paid to lose on the people's behalf, nothing else will convince you.

  2. So, now that Sanders has been trounced in almost every state, what stage of grief are you in, Krystal Ball? Denial seems to be over, and I see more and more anger. Ready for bargaining soon or you will shift directly to depression? I noticed that you are smiling much less these days…

  3. Nothing was going on. Nothing at all…. You a have a caucus state and too many moderate candidates in it. So now who is out of touch?? Huh?

  4. OUT OF TOUCH in 2020 ?
    This Amoral Aristocratic rights of Ascension is a conceptual behavior that WE MUST CHANGE.

    Apparently MSNBC lawyers didn’t discuss how to psychologically “plead the Fifth “.
    Their Behavior is always on display and it’s self-Incriminating of a human soul’s motivation and intent.
    The FUTURE is upon us.

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