Krystal Ball: Billionaire Reveals Why They're Happy As Country Burns

Krystal Ball: Billionaire Reveals Why They're Happy As Country Burns

Krystal Ball explains the difference between how the elite are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic compared to working class Americans.

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  1. Lol all of you reporters are full of drama you cannot go though life scared to death about everything healthy people should go about life with caution but live at the same time..

  2. There’s a penny stock trader I follow who’s been killing it through this whole thing!
    The investment class are living it up,
    while the rest of us go down in flames 🔥

  3. I absolutely loved this story. As a kid I had contact with oil billionaires in Texas through my grandfather's work and while very nice in person I had the impression that they couldn't be bothered with "poor people problems". I agree with almost all your points, but just wondering, aren't you both rich as well?

  4. . . . Just wait until shortly after all the evictions . . . and then the dam will break . . . with the failure of underfunded state and local pensions about to collapse. Then . . . you'll have a . . . real catastrophe unleashed.

  5. There's Wall Street, there's Hollywood, there's Silicon Valley and the Banksters . . . prospering. Then . . . there's the REAL country beyond those borders . . . in deep and profound suffering.

  6. If you took the sarcasm out of your voice this would literally sound like actual facts because…..thhhhhhhhhhis is how things work. You know that right!?!?’ Or are we pushing for reformation for what? Something better. Please show me a better system. Or are we just gonna sit here and wait for handouts and be reliant on the gubment and hate the “rich man?” Who obviously never earned what he got or earned his station in life. Unbiased narrative?

  7. But people on unemployment are lazy scum and would rather stay home than go to work. God bless the billionaire class, they are just fantastic people that should be worshipped.

  8. My uncle in Hoboken, NJ saw this in 1950s. Google Willie Rose Abernathy to see how he tried to prepare for this apocalypse. He then owned a ten units apartment building and a restaurant. He saved his money and did well for his family; even tried to make me part of his family though I went off the deep end. My bad. He disinherited me. I had it all in terms of middle class uncles, even as my father, there brother, preferred his liquor and his hometown drinking buddies and out of wedlock women. I found myself in New York/Hoboken, New Jersey at 13-years-old. Uncle Willie Rose Abernathy came to get me from my mother after police put me in the Twelfth and Clay Boys Detention Home in Richmond,Virginia after I burglarized a clothing store. I guess it was in 1957. Well, I tell this story to anyone who will listen.

  9. Of course much more importantly…"exteme left" blah blah and "identity politics" yada yada", "marxist culture" blah blah blah…. That way we do not look at the real and most imminent threat tp people and and the planet – the 1%.

  10. Krystal says " mass deaths" Come on now. Mass death do we even have more deaths this year then last year up to this point? How about facts and not hysteria?

  11. The elected and appointed are only puppets whose strings are pulled by the puppet masters for their own benefit not we the people.Covid 19 is the straw that will break the camels back ushering in the N.W.O. by crashing the worlds economies, & everything that goes with it . Ever notice how both parties create a illusion that they are the party to save us all but no matter which you vote for we all wind up at the end of a dead end road that both parties created and their is no way out for we the people.

  12. This is why our rich government and rich president keep putting "opening the economy" ahead of the health and safety of the working americans that have to keep working, risking their families safety, possibly dieing, so we can keep making them richer…

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