Krystal Ball: Alex Morse And How Personal Victimhood Will Doom The Left

Krystal Ball: Alex Morse And How Personal Victimhood Will Doom The Left

Krystal Ball gives her thoughts on the allegations against Democratic Congressional candidate, Alex Morse, and how pursuing the allegations “enables President Trump.”

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  1. Setting aside how perfect everything Krystal said was, she is looking even more gorgeous than usual in that dress!! Omg 😍😍😍

    (Hope this comment doesn't get me cancelled some day)

  2. Alex Morse: tells his date he's a mayor
    "Victim": He shouldn't have told me! I feel so uncomfortable now.

    Alex Morse: doesn't tell his date he's a mayor
    "Victim": He should have told me! I feel so uncomfortable now.

  3. The worst rise in politics because why go through this, and because holding each other’s secrets is the way up. Makes one understand libertarianism, it should be defundcongress riots.

  4. Crystal: You don't blame them? Those should be the very smartest ppl in the room! What's happening here? I don't know how it is in the US: But this kind of "political" or "moral" policy – if it is – is misguided at its best.

  5. Very disappointing to see groups like DSA immediately fall for this garbage. I hope the left grows a backbone for once and doesn’t just pity every single victim narrative that gets put out there

  6. Some woke people seem to want a world where everyone would be responsible for how others "feel"… which is really the ultimate form of authoritarianism, a nightmare dystopia that even Orwell couldn't think of.

  7. Shahid Buttar is also facing a ludicrous smear job, which I think has been more of a shocker, if naively so, as righteous young activists are so willing to blow off the best challenge to Pelosi, over dubious claims, as one of the most powerful & wealthy Congressional Gargoyles shows every sign of feeling the heat of Shahid’s campaign. “Me too”, is a convenient cloak to take down those who actually are being righteous. If no one one saw some slime coming & in a covert manner, doesn’t understand the machinations of power & money. I hope you invite Shahid Buttar on to counter this major body blow. I have had some long conversations w/ Buttar, that he certainly didn’t need to spend the time on w/ an elder from Oklahoma. I stand w/ Shahid & Truth, as is my spiritual job as an elder. Aho!

  8. Why is nobody talking about the executive order to not pay social security and Medicare taxes? To me that order is a clearly impeachable offense. Congress levies taxes. President unilaterally orders citizens to not pay them. Congress removes President for opposing Constitution. Is the Constitution the law of the land? Why take the oath? Is Washington fully populated with only prostitutes?

  9. This is a hangover from the over-indulgence of the "Me Too Movement". It became a political weapon with Alyssa Milano and judge Kavanaugh and this it's logical conclusion. It just goes to show anybody is vulnerable when the media decides to create a false caricature of anyone. Now "Alex Morse is the " EVIL POWERFUL WHITE MALE"! and when it is politically expedient to crucify Alex Morse, the media doesn't cares if he is gay.

  10. So Krystal if you believe in the "Me Too" movement, how do you explain the complete and utter silence about Biden's rape allegations and the smearing of the victims offering no support. Sorry, but unless you know somhting that I don't the movement is plain GARBAGE.

  11. It's politics. Ad hominem has been a part of the game since Athens. Boo-hoo and light your hair on fire or fight back. "You wanna know how to get Neal? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue."

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