Krystal and Saagar's takeaways from Iowa Caucus disaster

Krystal and Saagar's takeaways from Iowa Caucus disaster

Krystal and Saagar discuss the latest developments in the delayed results of the Iowa Caucus.

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  1. I have just 1 question. How can you claim to be an issue voter and if you go to the TRUMP 2020 website you will find NO plan for 2020, NO plan for NO issue. Biden has a plan for just about every issue if you go to his site. How can you be for M4A or any issue of any kind and not be for BIDEN since the other side is NOTHING? You get closer to what you want on EVERY ISSUE unless your plan is to do nothing then TRUMP is your guy.

  2. The problem is Republicans label people “socialist” who are not even socialist…and HATE them. Bernie is ACTUALLY a socialist. If you think the country is divided now… Try to imagine what will happen when Bernie wins. It will be a DISASTER.

    Be careful what you ask for.

    The Democrats must pick someone who is not deeply offensive to the other side. To anyone who doesn’t want to see the country torn in half… Those are the only 3 choices. ….. Yang. Gabbard. Bloomberg.

  3. Tried to comment on the actual video I watched. Failed. So here goes…
    I have so much respect for BOTH hosts of this show!!!
    They were in almost complete disagreement on the topic of the above mentioned video. And yet, they treated each other with the utmost respect and never once attempted to diminish the dignity of the opposing side. We ALL need to be able to interact with those we disagree with with such grace and zero insults.
    I love this show for this very reason. Sagaar is cute as hell and no doubt one of the smartest person on the conservative side of politics. Krystal has a "cage match" style of truth telling that takes no prisoners. I don't believe that imperfect people will EVER be able to solve even the smallest issues that plague humankind. Only God will be able to do that. I value truth and the minds and hearts of Krystal & Sagaar.
    Be well and remember to be kind even if people make it difficult

  4. The biggest disaster was Yang. Who got about 1% of delegates. He was prancing around like a showman saying we would be shocked & surprised he was going to be in top 5. He literally at the bottom.

    Just shows Iowans see through the facade & snake oil salesman.

  5. The takeaway? Our democracy has always been a lie and the rise of the internet has finally exposed the truth. We are peasants in a 21st century oligarchic, feudal society.

  6. Maybe , Just Maybe The people have seen Joe Bidens wonderful video bragging about shaking down the Ukrainian government and getting a prosecutor fired for investigating one of the most Corrupt companies in the Ukraine who his son, Hunter, was actively working on the board of directors with absolutely no experience. And then Dems trying to impeach the president, for trying to get to the bottom of a major corruption scandal, That was a major part of his platform that he openly told the american people. And now a virtual nobody, Pete B. , who gave 40 plus thousand dollars to a private company in charge of tabulating his votes, after the app crew was paid well by the DNC, for their services, many who have very close ties to Hillary……You need to look at this and stop being in denial about who you are supporting! Why is a candidate giving the company large sums of money, when they were already paid, to the people that are tabulating his votes, and then is said to be winning……if you can get a straight answer. The fix is in against Bernie, Just like last time……he probably slammed it and nobody in the upper echelons of the hierarchy wants that…….You need to clean up the dam party before you contemplate another run at Trump or you are finished, if you have ANY self respect. Pete B. should step down or explain his actions publicly!!!

  7. the adult population of Iowa is 3million and less than 200k turned out to caucus. I don't understand how this process can decide on a candidate for president when it does not count the rest of the population.

  8. STOP WITH THE "AMAZING SHOW" ALREADY ! Anyhow, Pete "Butt-gag" as a virtual tie with Bernie in Iowa ? PLEASE ! Guess they emptied out the gay & lesbian bars to assure a good showing.

  9. Having said that Butigeek is not a serious candidate, if Biden would drop out most of his voters will go to Butigook, and this will propel Butigoik into the race proper. My opinion.

  10. The real disservice is to those who did all the work on the ground in Iowa over the past year to win their primary. That victory lap stolen from them is disgraceful. Like going to work and your boss telling you you're not getting paid for the past 6 months of hardwork….

  11. Iowa Caucus is a complete and utter fiasco that clearly shows that the DNC is 'fixing' or 'cooking' the numbers in Iowa… DISGUSTING FILTH = DNC and they STILL HAVE NOT RELEASED ALL THE NUMBERS as of Wednesday! only 70% released.. and the numbers from DNC DO NOT MATCH THE PRECINCT CAPTAINS! Bernie needs to LAWYER UP AND HIT BACK… this is INTOLERABLE VOTE FIXING! And Bernie has the DATA to PROVE IT! This is INTENTIONAL FIX TO PUT THE BRAKES ON THE BERNIE SURGE!!! COMMON THIS IS BULLS^*^T…. DEMOCRACY MY A$$!!

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