Krystal and Saagar: WINNERS AND LOSERS: Censorship, Twitter, Wolf Blitzer, Working People

Krystal and Saagar: WINNERS AND LOSERS: Censorship, Twitter, Wolf Blitzer, Working People

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss some of the big political stories of the week and who came out on top.

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  1. I think Saagar should move over to Fox News. I think the replacement for Saagar should be a true conservative libertarian, say like a Candace Owens or an Ann Coulter. I am tired of watching Krystal dominate segments with her heavy Left wing bias, she needs to be balanced by woman as strong and articulate as she is except on the Right.

  2. Would not the Bloomberg and Sorros dollars be better put toward a stimulus to help the country thy love so much? They have no limits on how much they spend to destroy it, now step up and help it?

  3. Saagar, main-stream media is controlled by oligarchs – for you to expect editorial integrity from these media outlets is severely shortsighted on your part… You know this..!

  4. When you decided to bring out the story of the Biden Lap top, did you not think it also important to report that the shop owner who was "certain" he saw and can identify the person who brought in the lap-top was legally blind? Or that the person who broke the story we a new transplant directly from Fox news? That camera footage from the day the laptop was dropped off is conveniently missing? In withholding these facts, and deciding to run with the story on it's face, rather than fact checking it for accuracy, or at least disclosing ALL the facts; you are everything you are currently railing against. Just to be clear, I believe that the corporate stranglehold we are now enduring is one of our greatest problems, and I really liked much of your reporting. But you have lost credibility, in my eyes, on this one.

  5. When diners and Restaurants close they will be replaced with cheap fast food, turning us into the fattest unhealthy country in the world, in Trenton by me there is 1 diner 2 McDonald's Popeye chicken cluck u Taco bell Little Caesars about 4 pizza places and 10 Chinese food places, its great there are more jobs but they are low wage jobs, low wage jobs keep the city in poverty less ppl go to college less money circulates, more youth turn to selling drugs less property taxes for the schools, this will happen everywhere, watch how many dollars stores are gonna pop up there are I have 5 in a 3 mile area

  6. haha kriastal: my winner of the thay that will nprobably never repeat haha amazing! and he was a real journalisrt for once and nice job demasking the housespeaker on the fly by.

  7. Look how far away the expectation is for journalists to actually do their jobs. Reporters and Big tech carrying water for one political candidate and Wolf doesn't give Nancy and outright softball and she calls him a republican apologist; they are so used to getting footrubs from the MSM.

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