Krystal and Saagar: Will Biden even make it to debate Trump?

Krystal and Saagar: Will Biden even make it to debate Trump?

Krystal and Saagar talk about Biden’s suggestion to move the Democratic convention to August, and the possibility of a virtual Biden, Trump debate.

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    1. Let Sleepy Joe debate from his favorite place, his basement, citing an unusual spike in Covid-19 cases in Cleveland.
    2. Allow Sleepy Joe the use of a teleprompter, like he's used to but hasn't quite mastered.
    3. Allow Sleepy Joe an ear piece so that the Dems can feed him the answers to the debate questions.
    4. Narrow the scope of questions that the moderator is allowed to ask Sleepy Joe, IE: What is it that you dislike about President Trump? No policy questions.
    5. Require the moderator to use a "mail-in-ballot" to submit the questions to Sleepy Joe so that the Dems, I mean Sleepy Joe can answer.
    6. Allow Sleepy Joe the ability to pick questions from Democrat plants in the audience.
    7. Allow Sleepy Joe three "do-overs" to change the answers if he gets it wrong or has a senior moment.
    8. Limit the length of the debate to 1 question or 5 minutes, which ever comes first.
    9. The Dems will claim that Sleepy Joe can't debate president Trump because he has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and has to self-quarantine for 2 months, Dr. Fauci's orders.
    10. Sleepy Joe will claim that he forgot he had a debate, or that he overslept and blame his alarm clock.
    11. Sleepy Joe will show up for the first debate in Miami instead of Cleveland and then claim that the moderators "switched up the debate sites on him."
    12. The Dems will ask to cancel the debates claiming that the latest polls show that America doesn't want a debate.
    13. The Dems will ask to cancel the debates citing that Russia is trying to hack the debates in favor of president Trump.
    14. The Dems will demand changing the format of the debate and mandate the moderator text his questions to 30330.

  2. We need in person debates just use social distancing!
    There should be no excuse for Biden. Is he planning on doing the same thing if he becomes president?
    Hide while we suffer?
    President Trump is out and about working for Americans and donating his salary.
    We need a strong President who looks out for America.
    President Trump is a boots on the ground President and has a working plan for America!
    What's Bidens plan? " I'm the only one that can beat him"
    Then what?
    Vote Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Poor Joe he need to come on debate with cardiologist on the left & a speak therapist on the right for extra sports y’all already known TRUMP sharp mind& mouth go swallow him 😅😅

  4. dem party wants a puppet and they cant control bernie. bernie is still on the ballot….bernie has a real good spot to beat biden but neither will beat trump. joe will be hit by a train at a stop light if he faces trump in a live debate

  5. If Joe isnt the nominee, 4 whatever reason, I'll support whomever his replacement is. Circular firing squads within a party doesnt win elections. Progressives are generally smart, but they havent figured that out yet.

  6. The three old f cks need to bow out. Biden with dementia, Sanders a semi communist and Trump a narcissist with early signs of dementia. Great group. The dems need Cuomo and Newsome to be the ticket. Perfect age and great knowledge base. Plus looks and acts Presidential. If the dems choose Biden its better than 50% that Trump will be re elected. Dems don’t mess this up the country will never forgive you.

  7. Bernie needs to take the gloves off and start FIGHTING! It’s time to go scorched earth on these corrupt motherf*ckers.

    Bernie is a leader who inspires with real policies that will improve American lives while Joe is hiding behind the curtains to prevent himself committing more blunders. The only progressive thing about Joe is his dementia.

    The DNC and mainstream media has anointed Joe as their presumptive nominee. Joe will spectacularly fail. The man is an incompetent corporate shill and establishment tool who does the bidding of the elites at the expense of the American people.


  8. Might but I strongly recommend we need change and someone has to take blame or responsible for it we are paying for out biggest mistake elect Trump who has no experience about politics just lies cheater big mouth we need send strong message to Washington I don't know about Biden but leaders has to change to person who will do the job and most importantly politician not bessinesman let him run business not politics

  9. Propping up Biden as the Democrat candidate is such a Joke as he is so bad as his appearances in his basement look more like a PSA for Dementia / Alzheimer's because to any American who can skype, Face time, or even put together a video for themselves or even YouTube it is SO Sad and is beyond Grandpa not knowing how to use the computer. Then when he incoherently starts babbling and losing his train of thought really makes the case that he won't stand a chance in any kind of debate with Trump as he can only hope the internet comes down with a virus ha ha as he literally will be a lamb being led to slaughter as the Trump campaign is probably salivating and so excited they are jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas time or after collecting a gigantic bag of candy on Halloween. Democrats are probably working overtime on ways to figure out how they can cheat on voting, even allowing anyone to mail in a ballot or call it in like voting for American Idol or Dancing with the Stars so they can get all the illegals, prisoners, homeless, their family pets, and even the dead in the cemetery's and even a few extra as long as they can Not have ANY verification, id or proof that the people actually exist. Where the smart idea, would be to open it for a couple of days and do it like a drive-in where you flash an id thru the car window and the first attendant takes a picture of it and checks you off, hands you a ballot, then you move forward sliding it into a machine so that the poll workers are kept at least 6 feet away but can monitor the process so nobody cheats. There are so many smart ways to do it but watch out for the Dems to cheat on the process as Joe doesn't stand a snowballs chance in the middle of a desert in the middle of summer.

  10. The other positive for Biden is if a debate is done via Skype / Zoom etc. is that he can have scripted answers in the back which can be presented to him.
    For me, I want to see the two in the same location so their teams cannot just put up scripted answers.

  11. That’s gonna be the most confusing, dementia-ridden, head slap-inducing, we-have-to-laugh-or-else-we-cry-either-way-it’s-painful-to-watch-because-one-is-going-to-be-president, debate if it’s Trump and Biden.

  12. Did you know that Dr. Anthony Fauci is receiving death threats because he had the courage to talk over T-Rump about the truth about COVID-19? The Orange Monster doesn't like being upstaged…T-Rump hates science and scientists…

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