Krystal and Saagar: Trump Throws Debate Into CHAOS As Moderator CAUGHT Collaborating With Scaramucci

Krystal and Saagar: Trump Throws Debate Into CHAOS As Moderator CAUGHT Collaborating With Scaramucci

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss the latest news concerning the next presidential debate and react to Joe Biden suggesting a format change for the final one.

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  1. Trump just says crap realizes it's unpopular then changes the goal line and Biden's like no way…. Trump cannot answer questions in a townhall type debate from real people so he's trying to skip that one

  2. No one watches commercials and the amount of money they waste on commercials instead of actually putting it towards whatever project they want like clean water in Flint leads me to believe they’re just buying influence so the more commercials I see the more I think someone has bought

  3. Krystal paid to give Saagar"s stupid takes credibility while trashing others for who pays them. FYI ,The Hill is owned by a Trump supporter. If that means nothing then Krystal needs to stop talking about corporate media as if The Hill is not corporate media .

  4. Saagar air quotes ''Frank Luntz is a Republican" as fit he is not. Does he or Krystal know are more likely want to acknowledge the roll Frank Luntz has played on crafting Republican talking points for more then a decade? forget the clickbait "As Moderator CAUGHT Collaborating" BS

  5. I think Trump would have benifited from a virtual debate. If Trump interrupting is not a factor, he would probably win. Biden would be forced to talk, uninterrupted, for minutes at a time.

  6. Wow, you guys are waaaayyyy off– everyone, I mean everyone is supporting Trump. How do you figure he's behind? Take a drive through California and see with your own eyes the zillions of Trump signs! In 2016 it would have been dangerous to put up Trump signs….. big changes, guys. I have yet to see a single Biden sign. Maybe bcs we know Harris. NO Harris!

  7. The media wont let trump be out of focus. What happened with Biden saying voters didnt deserve know his answer on court packing should be all of the headlines. If the media wasnt so biased this would be the case

  8. Biden doesn't want a foreign policy debate. Trump for all things has been actually good. 3 historic peace deals, stopped interfering in Syria pulling troops out of the middle east and is tough on china. All things that Biden is horrible on with is record. That is the worst area for Biden.

  9. Trump successfully putting Biden in the spotlight won't even save him. What this exposes is that Trump really never had the first clue why he won in 2016.
    Right now, he is Hillary Clinton, he has a political past in action to point at, and people are looking at it and saying, "This is what this guy did, and we don't like it at all."
    If Biden is in the spotlight, all he really has to say is, "I'm not Donald Trump. I did not call Covid-19 a hoax, and I did not crush the stimulus package."
    At this point, Trump's actions are so egregious as to be undeniably his fault in the eyes of any halfway honest American.

  10. The two candidates should have the debate wearing full NBC gear. It would be hard to understand what they say though. Maybe they could yell really loud.

  11. I still like these 2. Even though I might not agree with everything they are saying. <3 They are at least close to sane…. which can't be said about to meny ppl poping up infront of a camera these days….

  12. It sounds like Krystal wants Trump to be a dictator. Only come out to make a speech then disappear. Take all power from State Governors and run the whole thing down to every detail. These two complain about what he did but they themselves have no answer as to what would have been better. The experts stated that 2 million plus would die in theUS alone. I think he made us dodge that bullet.

  13. Krystal please. You are rediculousy out of touch. You are trying to convince people that Biden is doing better than he is. Trump is going to win this election. It's sad to see you completely misslead your audience.

  14. Unrelated to this particular video, but needs to be said….
    The Hill picks and chooses which videos allow comments. No credibility when censorship of this type is being done. It’s hypocrisy!

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