Krystal and Saagar: Trump Comes CLOSEST He’ll Ever Get To Conceding As GSA Certifies Transition

Krystal and Saagar: Trump Comes CLOSEST He’ll Ever Get To Conceding As GSA Certifies Transition

Krystal and Saagar break down the GSA’s official recognition of the Biden presidency as well as President Trump’s half-hearted acknowledgement of defeat.

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  1. I feel like she was making his argument for some reason and idk why. She's done it before on topics I feel were way more obvious that he was too incompetent to make the point(s) on his own, but this seems like a more standard ass kissing that he is capable of. Plenty of his radars have sounded like this.

    For those who saw the critiques in Current Affair article, this is one of the better examples.

    The only reason he didn't go more extreme is because he thought he would win, he wasn't smart enough to read the situation like Erodogan when he was setting his up. The next republican won't make that mistake, its what McConnell is preparing the courts for. This is a slow processing one attempting to be as legitimate as possible.

  2. Krystal, come on now. There was a darn good reason why everyone was “freaking out” about a Trump coup. Think back on what he did to the Post Office ! Yea. People were not “ginning things up” We were all trying to brace ourselves for very real possibilities.

  3. are they not reading the rest of trumps tweets? he is not conceding and believes there is fraud still 100%, and they're not dong their job if they're failing to see how its not just a mere conspiracy..

  4. This is a new low for the hill. Everything Trump is doing, with refusal to concede, claiming fraud and trying to overturn the results has happened exactly as predicted. But according to these two: "at least he's not Hitler or Mussolini and this is not a military coup". Trump, again, treated with kid gloves and set with a below surface bar.

  5. I realize that The Hill lets Krystal Ball vent her frustrations in regards to the dems, but I've never heard either Krystal or Saagar vent in regards to the republicans, at least not for more that 10 seconds! I loved this program at first, I realize that Saagar is holding back, Krystal probably brings in the audience. I now realize that The Hill is probably center right, "keep quiet about the republicans, Shhhh."

  6. now is the perfect time to form that three-party government the Trumpublicans on the right the centrists in the middle and the progressives on the left okay everybody staker claims and play musical chairs.

  7. Some 50 million Americans now believe the election was stolen. Based on claims without any evidence. We were fortunate that it wasn't even close. I shudder to think of what would have happened if Biden's margin of victory had been as close as Bush's was in 2000. At that time, Gore let it go, for the good of the country. I don't think Trump would have acted that way. The potential damage caused by his lies may be second only to the damage caused by Bush's lies about WMDs in Iraq. It's OK to get a bit upset about this.

  8. Why defend a dude who caused the deaths of 250k and counting Americans ? Repubs are still crying about benghazi but can make excuses for trump until the very end. So the medias excuse for kissing Trump's butt is he's not hitler ? Low bar you set. No trump isn't hitler but after what he did to this country are we going to split straws ? The hill talks about cancel culture but the repubs littarly tried to cancel an election in modern day america. So do repubs really want a dictator ? We keep calling Dems socialists but what are repubs now ? Hell they can't even call themselves patriots after losing 250k Americans without caring.

  9. Trump supporter here. I respect that you at least said you have a bias (we all do) and that you call out everyone you think deserves to be called out. You make an attempt to be fair while still holding your beliefs. Thank you 😊

    EDIT: why do you say you're bipartisan on your Rising bio? Just say what you are. You can say that you are trying to be fair while also admitting that you have left leaning bias. Saying things as fact without giving evidence and assuming that people will just agree is lazy. You're already ahead of other mainstream media Outlets with your honesty, but I would really like to be able to watch you without wincing every now and then.

  10. It blows my mind how uninformed these "reporters" are. Biden did not win the election – yet. As hard as it is to believe, the news media does not decide and call the winner of the presidential election. There is a legitimate and legal process being used to dispute current numbers. If its a BS lawsuit, its a BS lawsuit – but just because you dont believe it is well founded does NOT mean you can just remove peoples legal and literal due process rights. But hey, just keep insulting people for questioning cases of fraud/malpractice while pretending to be objective. Seems like the left is worse winners than losers.

  11. If you think fascist, wannabe presidents like Tom Cotton aren’t watching and taking notes on how Trump has exposed how weak our republic is to executive branch authoritarian overtures/threats, you are sticking your head in the sand.

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