Krystal and Saagar: Trump Campaign TOTALLY WHIFFS In Absurd Kamala Attacks

Krystal and Saagar: Trump Campaign TOTALLY WHIFFS In Absurd Kamala Attacks

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti weigh on the Trump campaign’s reaction to Joe Biden’s running mate and some of the attacks already being launched.

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  1. Yeah despite that fact she’s had every position on healthcare, and it on record/video in multiple instances calling for radically left policies like defund the police and banning most guns,defunding the police, etc. Maybe she sells out the far left most the time but, to say if In power she wouldn’t push for some far left polices is in my opinion absurd to think . I’m 100% sure if she was POTUS she would defund the police rn

  2. It’s amazing how everyday Krystal & Saagar flip flop between “the election is over; polls are too big of a lead for Trump to come back,” to “this election isn’t over; polls are similar to 2016.”

  3. pay attention ameicans………….trumps constant chaos producing behavior is right out of the fascist textbook. all of this behavior is poduced behind the scenes with stephen miller, steve bannon, and the rest of the cadre calling the shots, mainly because trump doesn't have the intelligence to initiate this conspiracy and all the others the bunker boy throws out there. he's unstable, psychopathic, racist, bigoted, and has no clue on how to govern. he's a dangerous man and is proving it on a daily basis.

  4. One has to wonder if–because Trump was literally pushed to run by both Bill and Hillary, he's been friends with them and a Democrat until fairly recently, donated to Kamala's AG campaigns, and he's part of the same Epstein swamp and those two–he's defending Biden because it's all a big club despite all the bluechecks trying to scold us "radical leftists" for seeing it the same way… 🤔 They really are both trying to lose, because regardless of who wins, the actual power structure benefitting the oligarchy at the expense of the working class stays intact.

  5. What people forget is that we (the right) voted out swampy when we took a chance on Trump. I still am happy with his performance, but obviously, wish he would stay off Twitter most days. When the progressives finally get a candidate through the process, they will be attacked as hard as Trump has been the last 4 years. Why? Because the elites/media are threatened by folks like Trump and Sanders. They can't exist in a world without order. But the real problem is, Trump and Sanders are still rich and easily controlled by outsider influence. This will always be the case until a true patriot makes it to the White House.

  6. Obviously totally wrong on the radical left bit, but sadly spot-on that he's slow and she's as phony as they come. Another lying, self-serving hypocrite who believes in nothing but her own advancement and whose views change with whoever's donating the most.

  7. Combine Kamala and Twitter and trump will do the DNCs job for them. Connect that with trumps fragile ego and uncontrolled temper and its all over….
    Step 1 trump sends out stupid insulting tweet on the level of a 4th grader
    Step 2 Kamala sends out a witty reply which makes him look stupid.
    Step 3 trump listens to his advisors and doesnt send a 'twit' storm (twit as idiot) …. for 30 minutes
    Step 4 since trump absolutely cannot let a woman get the better of him (especially a darker skinned woman), he completely loses it and tweets stupid stuff for 7 days straight without sleeping
    Step 5 the suburban women that are going to make the difference in this election get tired of his stupidity and vote specifically for Kamala.

  8. I'm so disgusted by the neoliberals that I'm afraid simply "voting Green" won't be enough. They've pushed me too far – – seriously considering just voting for Trump. "BURN IT ALL DOWN!!!"

  9. This analysis is spot on. The strategy should be to suppress enthusiasm from voters who might actually vote for the ticket, not whip up weird anti-leftist fears in voters who won't vote for the dems either way.

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