Krystal and Saagar: Top Biden surrogate CAUGHT admitting they want Biden in the basement

Krystal and Saagar: Top Biden surrogate CAUGHT admitting they want Biden in the basement

Krystal and Saagar discuss why Biden advisors are in favor of the ‘Biden in the basement’ strategy as the best way to beat Trump.

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  1. If Biden wins, the democrats will have a pre-selected list of Cabinet candidates for him to make his executive staff from.
    As everyone knows, and trump did not learn, that an experienced Cabinet Leader, can remove most of day to day
    decision making. A good staff can make a mediocre president look good. Example:
    Ronald Reagan in his final term of diminishing capacity still ran the White House.
    GHW Bush(VP) had the important pre-meetings with the Cabinet heads to discuss the day to day operations,
    Ronald would get a second meeting to be briefed on important events of the day.
    Bush simply skipped most of these second meetings.

  2. They finally get the literal and actual puppet, people have been calling the US President for decades. And it's not even hidden. It's not needed, the American people have been acclimated to it for decades.

  3. Every time you say Trump's conspiracy theory, we find out later that it was all true. BLM and antifa are financed by the Dems and their cronies. We are exhausted from all the crazy the MSM and the Dems are pushing, clearly, they now want America to be socialist with them at the top. It will cause the vast amount of the country to vote Trump. Polls are always propaganda from those who take the polls, they mean nothing. Better start talking truth about the policies on both sides or no one will watch you anymore either.

  4. Americans should ask themselves: Dont you think Biden as a president would appear as a very weak leader, especially considering his mental deterioration? Dont you think this will hurt the US image for the rest of the world? If I was a US citizen I would certainly vote for Trump… I am surprised Americans cant see it.

  5. Trump is lucky Biden is hiding. If the shit for brains Liberals saw how senile Biden is they would get another candidate, which will be hard to do with Biden poll numbers.

  6. I do not understand how or why anyone would vote for Bidon. I am a seniour and Trump is the ONLY one i could trust to lead this country. There is so much propaganda on this station i will stop watching it.

  7. Why is Trump blamed for this economic slump?? He didn't do it! Just like he didn't start the virus! And how can you call Biden safe and soft? Look who is standing breathing down his neck! If he wins, we are doomed, people! Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest of the deep state swamp will be in charge. Is that what you people really want?

  8. The older man in Buffalo had been arrested/talked to 300+ times for previous issues. If you look at the video, it looks like he set this op up by tripping over the concrete urn in the picture.

  9. We are talking about voting for the PRESIDENT OF THE USA not the CLASS PRESIDENT HERE….SO both your arguments suck!!! MOST people think who will be most competent in the job? Not who’s had the least bad press.

  10. Krystal and Saagar discuss why they are Propagamda Trolls working For Big Money and For Wall Street while playing the Clown Ass Charade of beinf Truth Tellers. They are Corporation Propaganda "Tools" pushing Wall Street's Secret Agenda: All For Us, nothing for You" Noam Chomsky Presentation on Manufacturing Consent describes Krystal and Saagar Perfectly- Money Suckers, Corporate Toadies, Ass Kissers, Sycophants, Lyars, they are the Polished Version of Sarah Huckelbee $ Sarah Palin and that female Runner with John McCain the POW COWARD fake war hero McCain.

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