Krystal and Saagar: The latest excuse to steal the nomination from Bernie

Krystal and Saagar: The latest excuse to steal the nomination from Bernie

Krystal and Saagar examine some of the reasons the Establishment is trying to tank a Sanders nomination.

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  1. If they use coronavirus to take the nomination from Bernie, that will spawn a deluge of conspiracy theories….I mean come on. Bill Gates just ran last fall a massive prediction model of a global coronavirus pandemic scenario and the effect it would have and then a few months later there is a suspicious outbreak in Wuhan of coronavirus that turns into a global pandemic…..and just happens to do the elite’s dirty work for them and prevent the billionaire hating populist from getting the nomination. You better believe people will be tying strings around those pushpin events and others as quick as you can say “superdelegate”.

  2. I am from United Kingdom and i wouldn't vote for anyone other than Bernie, Health before Wealth. Health is Wealth.
    We value our National Health Service and i have worked in NHS. USA is so backward in health compared to other western countries.

  3. I'm watching from the other side of the pond, the intelligence you're showing in your program makes me feel that there is some kind of hope for democracy in your country, and if Sanders, inspite of all sorts of corruption, will win, we'll have a long needed boost of democracy all over the world!
    Thank you!

  4. Omfg. I can't believe they are weaponizing corona. I mean I do but it's never ending. Next they'll use dirty portalets againts him. Give me a break. Treasonous, treacherous, unbelievable.

  5. If Bernie IS nominated, President Trump will win because of the Trillions upon Trillions of dollars required to support Bernie’s pie-in-the-sky fantasies, plus he just wants to steal money from productive people to support deadbeats, plus he would tank the economy and make us dependent on Middle Eastern oil. If Bernie IS NOT nominated, President Trump will win because 20% of the Democrats will stay home.

  6. I just love how you guys ignore everything and then say it's not happening. Trump and the administration has been coming out every day and having press conferences pay attention Sagar.. must be nice to lie to your audience

  7. It seems that to you the very notion of Bernie losing automatically means the election is being "stolen." Stolen by whom? The voters? You both sound like a whiny 10-year-old who doesn't understand that the world doesn't revolve around you and your political fantasies. So what if many leaders in the DNC don't want Bernie. They get the same vote as everyone else. Today's thrashing in South Carolina by a senile, incompetent man who likes to grope shows how weak Sanders really is. He wouldn't be where he is now were it not that the "moderates" in the Party (whatever that means) have split their vote.

  8. The one individual who is least likely to "let a good crisis go to waste", the individual who desperately needs and craves a crisis, is Donald J. Trump.

    And it would not matter in the least that he has made a major contribution toward exacerbating this crisis in a number of ways – early on by hamstringing the CDC, with one of the results being a grossly inadequate supply of testing materials (with the inevitable result that number of actual cases is certainly a lot greater than the known cases – a deadly situation for a virus that can be spread by people without symptoms.
    The really major contribution he made to spreading it was done solely for the sake of a misleading photo op to falsely downplay the seriousness of the disease.

    He wanted a video of staff taking in incoming COVID-19 patients while NOT wearing any protective equipment! Apparently the medical staff flat refused to do it. So he brought in outside UNTRAINED people to pretend to be medical staff.

    And the first case in the USA to have had no known exposure to the virus was directly adjacent to that – which makes it highly likely that the photo op was the cause. And now there are already a few more cases in the area who had no known exposure.

    But Donald J. Trump desperately needs something he can claim to be a national emergency and COVID-19 might just do the trick if it really takes off. Having a "national emergency" gives him special powers which he currently desperately needs.

    And with testing supplies severely inadequate and multiple cases with no known exposure already appearing, he's probably going to get the excuse for a national emergency he craves. Note that having cases with no know exposure for a disease that can be spread by people without symptoms is a virtually unmanageable disaster when there is a severe deficiency of testing supplies! Dealing effectively with such a situation requires a huge increase in testing and that's exactly what we cannot do!

  9. Warren can't stick with her own rules yet thinks she may win, which I don't see. She is just a snake in the grass, flip flopping all over, and an obvious Hypocrite. I can see her even losing to another Dem candidate now for her senatorial, she opened the door to losing that as far as I can see. .

  10. So, let say the Carona virus hits with a vengeance & hospitalizes 10 or 30 million people & kills 10% your going to have millions of people with serious medical debt just because they forgot to wash their hands one time & only 1 candidate who wants to wipe out that debt…

  11. danny abbatiello

    11 minutes ago

    SHAME ON THE DNC !! This runs akin to the Electoral College weighing in on getting Trump & Bush in office … Let the citizens decide who runs this election , Stop mudding the waters for the country. This is exactly why people refuse to vote. And why they leave the party ! Go Sanders 2020 !!

  12. If we drive up the minimum wage to a living wage, we simultaneously up the velocity of money. And the needs of the many who have been ripped off for years are the reason we need payback. The economy of a peoples who have power in the markets is going to make us richer than ever. Give the people what they need to make things happen.

  13. The fall of this republic keeps reminding me of the fall of the Roman republic, where the senators that assassinated Caesar said they did it for the republic when they really did it to preserve their own position. They even thought the people would just believe them because they saw themselves as being so superior to the people (through a lifetime of reinforcement after winning the birth lottery) that they wouldn't/couldn't be challenged when in really they were the ones blinded by their own ambition/self-deluded gravitas.

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