Krystal and Saagar: The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Biden's Economic Plans

Krystal and Saagar: The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Biden's Economic Plans

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Joe Biden urging Congress to pass the Heroes Act.

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  1. $1T for blue state and municipalities raises plus $2000 for each” least productive employment “ then tax private businesses to pay for it… Excellent plan. If you think Biden will tax the rich who paid for his election campaign then you are fooling yourself. He is just like Obama .

  2. Democrats suck for trying to fit in a bunch of diversity and inclusion stuff into a stimulus bill. Republicans suck for trying to strip this bill by half due to deficit concerns. Both parties suck right now.

  3. Ugh. Let's stop pretending that unions are forces for good. Industrial unions are no different from the police union that we have now come to realize is blatantly corrupt.

  4. If you can't figure it out, it's obvious when he's lying because he can't speak straight and clearly when he's lying & he sounds like he's trying to convince you that what he's trying to say is true. Simply put i can see through him & his Lies & you should be able to figure it out as well & not let your political beliefs allow you to vote for a candidate just because he is a"member of the party of your political beliefs". in case you didn't know it, it is illegal to try & make the USA a Socialist Country so, if you want Socialism move to a Socialist Country, simple as that. there should be no Socialist bending Politicians anywhere in our Government. that is Treasonous on their part to push for a Socialist Government system here in the USA & they should all be arrested Jailed without bail, tried, Convicted & sent to Prison indefinitely.

  5. Biden has NOT given in to the $15 mim wage, corporate America has decided that its been long enough with the screwing of americans with 7.25. They can bare to shed out double the amount. All that money will end up in their corporations at the end of the day anyway, they own everything, you want to buy a house well you need to pay the bank and with interest, you want to buy a car you can take out a loan with interest, you want to save money, your money decreases in buying power since interest is low, you want to open a business you need to compete with large corporations not to mention you would need to buy raw materials at a higher price. There is no real change just a shift in spending money. The wealth has already been divided up between the rich and the poor will only be ALLOWED to get what they are told. Biden/Trump it makes little difference. Buy American is a stupid idea if you still need to import raw material from across the world. Green New Deal, will be implemented once the rich figure out who gets the profits to air, gas, sun, etc. NOTHING WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE!

  6. You are advocating for a "possible" small ball economic bill. The trouble with that is that another small ball bill won't accomplish anything at all. It's a meal for a couple of weeks but no rent help, no food security, no utility bills paid. When workers strike they starve. They have to suffer to achieve a solution. When conditions at work are bad enough it is worth striking and starving. So, it is with a useless small ball bill. It is worth stress and hunger to get enough to sustain us for months and months, maybe for a very long time of recovery. If nothing is done, essentially the result is starvation, eviction, freezing cold homes, and dark rooms. Conditions will be so bad in another 6 weeks that you are going to help people like me organize for a different kind of economy altogether. If people in mass numbers suffer, they will become organizable by both the left and the far right. The resulting chaos offers great gains and great losses. I do wish Biden, Pelosi and Mc Connell would think about what they can unleash by the small ball proposition and what surely will come from complete stalemate or a solution for this month only. The people must have adequate food, affordable shelter, heat in winter and affordable health care right now. Fail the people and you give organizers the chance of a lifetime to enact change. What kind of change? We see will see.

  7. At around the 8 minute mark did I hear Saagar say that you don’t need air conditioning in the Southwest? Hey Saagar, ever been to Phoenix? Even in costal SoCal, where it’s 75 along the coast, drive 5 miles into a valley and it’s over 90.

  8. Mayb views are not down because the elections are over but because the hill rising spent too much time on the polls which were wrong…will you do a show on how wrong the polls are and consider not discussing them in the future?

  9. 15 months ago Trump – I'm going to sign an executive order requiring us to buy domestically, and he was called a nationalist. Joe says it, and Krystal says, "this is great idea".

  10. can someone please redefine work in 2020? work is no longer going to a spot to clock in for a 9-5. the most important commodity in 2020 is data, and everyone is contributing to data mining just by being alive. every internet search, every amazon purchase, there's data being mined by companies supplied by consumers. there's even monetary value in the carbon dioxide we breathe out every day because that data is being used and monetized by someone in a pitch for green energy somewhere. when businesses profit from the data people generate everyday by just being alive, that monetary value should go back to the people through a VAT focused on tech, and distributed by UBI. this way, we eliminate poverty and everyone will be in a better place.

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