Krystal and Saagar: SHOCK POLLS Show Biden-Trump Virtual Tie In Battleground States As DNC Starts

Krystal and Saagar: SHOCK POLLS Show Biden-Trump Virtual Tie In Battleground States As DNC Starts

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti detail the latest national polling from NBC/WSJ, CNN, and CBS.

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  1. The real question is should Trump be reelected so he can continue to exploit this nation's wealth for himself and for his administration cabinet members and those serving in the senate? Yes, Biden is keen on getting the 'crown' but also has a CONSCIENCE. Joe Biden and his wife's net worth was $9M because of a book deal. He has been in office as long as McConnell whose net worth is around $30M. Joe Biden comes from the people. No inheritance here. When living with his grandparents he joined a work-study program to pay for $300. tuition. Is Biden up to the challenge of the office of POTUS? There is NO WAY he can MESS it up because our nation is on her knees now because of a POTUS who waits for a crisis to disappear on its own. True, Biden is no showman and lacks luster. But, Biden will excuse himself for taking the POTUS's salary. It's almost like choosing a horse (Trump) that comes in third over a horse that gives it 100% (Biden). And you can BET that Biden wants to be that POTUS. EVEN IF IT'S FOR ONE TERM.

  2. I’m laughing so hard right now. The Democrats shot themselves in the foot by sabotaging Bernie Sanders in the primacy. I hope they lose because corporate Democrats deserve it.

  3. I’m a boomer, one of the oldest of the boomers, and I’d never vote for Harris. I might have voted for Biden if he had chosen Tulsi Gabbard as his VP. The VP will be the POTUS within a year.

  4. PEOPLE ARE MISSING THE POINT OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT. The corona virus will be gone, maybe later, and be able to escape from it when the vaccine comes but we will never escape from the economy. It is part of our lives. The virus is important only now while it is here. The economy, we are living in it and will experience it all our lives.

  5. Joe want do that for anybody he cannot open his mouth without lying he doesn’t care about people or the USA he talks a big show but when you take out the lies you have nothing but socalist garbage

  6. Not a shock. Almost the exact same playbook the Dems used with Hillary. How did that one work for the Dems? Democrat establishment wants to lose to Trump, while pretending to be outraged by it. One party folks. Wake up.

  7. The democrats had this few months ago. And then they actively endorsed extremism, racial laws, widespread destruction, violent physical attacks, politically motivated murders, and endangered the lives of regular citizens with measures augmenting crime and the propagation of a disease. Did they really believe they could blame all of that on Trump, that people would be gullible enough for that stunt to work?

  8. Dont underestimate the fact that it was only 6 years ago when Trump was an icon in American culture for black people more than he was for white people. His show was huge in an era when a lot of people weren't on computers and phones all night, theyd had a phone and a television and Trump was a symbol sort of like an American archetype, for clearing a seat at the table and making things happen, having businessman swagger and gold plated apartments etc, nobody ever had a problem with Trump until around 2015, and it just became a thing. If Trump would at the very least put decriminalization/legalization of MJ on the agenda, our economy would get a kickstart boost and it would bury Biden/the Dems forever.

  9. I am most interested in the final black vote….some say a much higher percentage will go to Trump like over 15 percent? would that change things ?

  10. I fear you missed the meaning of the tattoo, lest your fact checking says its wearer is a Trumper…maybe I misunderstood as well….but I see it as a "Parody Tattoo"….Making fun of him….

  11. The question is and was posed by Mike Pence last night. For President do you want someone who was Vice President during the weakest 8 year recovery since the Great Depression. Or do you want someone who built a huge economy in 3 years who shut it down to save lives and has the capability of rebuilding it? Easy choice

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