Krystal and Saagar reveal how Obama pushed Buttigieg and Bernie out of the race

Krystal and Saagar reveal how Obama pushed Buttigieg and Bernie out of the race

Krystal and Saagar discuss Obama’s recent involvement in the background of the 2020 Democratic nomination.

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  1. Does he really have that power? I can see him asking Bernie to drop out, but I can also see Bernie saying FO. So OK maybe he wouldn't use those words. I would have said hey Barack how about you get melting brain Joe to drop out. Doesn't that make more sense? I am a Bernie supporter and I WILL NOT vote for Joe Biden. You and the rest of the democratic establishment can stick Joe right up your asses.

  2. I mean this is just politics. People act as if this is rigging, but this is literally just politics. There are defenitely stuff that should be criticized, such as the media and people's hypocrisy around Tara Reade, the way Bernie's voters and supporters have been attacked as twitter trolls and "bernie bros" and all of that, but this about people dropping out etc is just basic politics. It is not comparable to voter fraud, TV stations giving you the questions beforehand or any trickery around the special delegates. It is as Saagar said, horse-trading, and that is just the very basics of politics.

  3. These reported Obama calls with Buttigieg, etc. are nothing more than corrupt backroom deals for personal gain made by the elites so that the voice of the American people can be silenced. Plain and simple. It's what the establishment elites always do (both Dems and GOP). Stop being fooled by what has become the Democrat vs Republican fallacy. You're either pro-establishment elites or anti-establishment as I see it. Also, don't be fooled by pretenders like Trump or Warren. I know that doesn't leave us with a pretty picture of the current state of politics, but change happens over time and only if we continue to demand it.

  4. I guess I know how far President Obama considers "sufficient."

    CONGRATULATIONS FORMER PRESIDENT!!! I was among your earliest and most die hard supporters. I was once never more proud than to cast my vote for you & you have somehow managed to have corrupted YOUR OWN, legacy, soooo…"SUFFICIENTLY" that not only do I wish I had never voted for you l, but I would go so far as to say that I am ASHAMED that a once voted for you, when I was once young and naive enough to think that what you once said, promised, and campaigned on were beliefs that were serious,!honest, and what you would do your honest best to accomplish. I could understand and forgiven what you had done during your Presidency, because they could have threatened to JFK your ass. HOWEVER, what moves like this one proves is how hollow, empty, a devious of a man and that you didn't JUST play the game because you DIDN'T HAVE A CHOICE, you SOLD OUT your supporters,!your voters, your admirers, and those who were stupid enough to believe that you were an honest man. I was wrong and it's sad that this will be the sort of legacy that America's first African American president will leave behind him. The most important detail of his career may wind up being that he betrayed and stopped a better man from fixing the problems that he had reveled in

  5. We need to increasingly REPLACE the DNC & RNC with BLOCKCHAIN Technology for a more DIRECT Voter Experience. From Campaign Donations
    to Polling
    to Debate Selection
    to Debate Questions
    to Voting
    to Ballot Counting
    to Robust System Security.
    In a Nutshell: Blockchain is often described as a "Public Ledger of Trust" for complex processes from A to Z & has the POWER to render some institutions OBSOLETE.
    The Technology is here & gaining awareness. Let's speed things up! ☝
    I recommend watching YouTube videos that explain what Blockchain is as a good starting-point.

  6. Everyone knows Obama is crooked so this really doesn't surprise me. President Trump is going to destroy Biden no matter what his VP is or illness. Trump2020

  7. We all felt like Hillary was definitely going to win and now the consensus is maybe it will be close between Joe and Trump. Spoiler – Trump will win. You have to be blind to think otherwise.

  8. Obama's LEGACY will be that he was to Bernie what Anotonio Salieri was to Mozart; a SLY, behind-the-scenes operating, JEALOUS PRICK who would stop at nothing to try to bring a genius (in their respective fields, Bernie a genius of ''the long arc of moral historythat bends towards justice'' – a political visionary – and Mozart of course, in music) to his knees … so the lesser one would 'appear to be' standing taller. And Buttigieg? Well he's shameless crawler up Obama's zero-integrity and has been offered plum roles in rewards for his complicity in Obama's schemes!

  9. Between this and the draconian overreaction to the coronavirus, I am leaving the Democratic Party and reregistering as an independent.

    I am always a Progressive who believes in civil liberties!

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