Krystal and Saagar: Resistance HEARTS BREAK As Mitt Romney Comes Out For Trump SCOTUS Pick

Krystal and Saagar: Resistance HEARTS BREAK As Mitt Romney Comes Out For Trump SCOTUS Pick

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Mitt Romney’s declaration of support for a SCOTUS nomination by President Trump.

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  1. I think that Mitt Romney was blackmailed into voting with Trump on the Supreme Court appointment. About a year ago some conservative media sites (such as Britebart) were reporting that Mitt Romney had a social media site under the assumed name of Pierre Delecto. And some of the reports sounded like "Pierre Delecto" was soliciting anonymous oral sex with other men. Now these reports about this site belonging to "Pierre Delecto" might be true or not. Maybe it was Mitt Romney owning this site, maybe not, maybe conservative media just made it up. The point is, that even if it is a lie, just the bringing out of this in public again will put Mitt Romney on the defensive, having to prove he isn't Pierre Delecto, giving more attention and credence to the issue, even if it might be false.
    Trump uses this technique with a lot of the lies he spews out. He tells an outrageous lie, and then it's up to the victims/targets of the lie to prove it's untrue. In the meantime, a lot of negative publicity is generated against the victim/target of the lie. Maybe the Pierre Delecto story is true, maybe not, but Romney could have decided he didn't want the hassle of fighting it, so went along with Trump.
    Another example, Trump implicated Joe Scarborough in the murder of somebody who worked in Scarborough's Florida office. By the time JS and MB spend time defending against this lie, some people actually believe that JS had something to do with the murder.
    Trump has done the same thing with Joe Biden, telling everybody that Joe Biden is senile and a pedophile. Well, if Joe Biden is senile, how did he beat Trump in the debate on Tues? Then, Trump operatives were alluding that JB was a pedophile, and started naming him "Creepy Joe Biden," later changing the nickname to "Sleepy Joe Biden," because sleepy rhymes with creepy, and Trump and Republicans wanted to bring to mind the pedophile charges without actually saying it. So Trump's tactics are lying, blackmailing, and engaging in childish name calling, and these tactics work with some of the low information voters, the kind Trump likes to get, because, at this point, who else will vote for him? Trump likes to go after people who aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, so to speak. So Biden has responded only with the comment about Trump that, "Everybody knows he's a liar."
    Another example, is Trump's support of the Q hoax, which appeals to racist conspiracy theories. Trump wants these people, too!

  2. The entire “left” is stupid. I keep telling y’all Republicans ALWAYS go home! ALWAYS!!

    I’m getting sick of progressive ideas dying because the left can’t get it through their thick heads that they are never going to get any help from those on the right.

  3. Impeach him again 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Congress has to deal with impeachment hearings before anything else. Impeach him. Impeach him again. Keep impeaching until a Democrat is in the white house.

  4. Why oh why did we not urge RBG to retire while Obama was in office?!? She was already in her eighties with a terminal cancer. It is insane to think that we just thought that that was okay. She should have retired back in 2014.

  5. I just want to know where it says that corporations are people in the U.S. Constitution. Oh right, it doesn’t. Scalia’s doctrine of original Ian I’d a load of crap. Very superficial analysis on this guys, but I still like the show.

  6. What’s the big deal if trump gets another nominee in? Even if roe vs wade is overturned, it shouldn’t affect liberal states like California and New York. What other issue is there?

  7. Romney is conservative. He knows that Trump doesn’t’’ truly have evangelical values. He will take direction from his party for the “WIN”. Short of someone truly scandalous, unlike POTUS, a judge that has come up through the ranks, at least has the EXPERIENCE to appear respectable. Trump disguises his lack of genuine management experience with bluster. The SCOTUS appointment with the typical “no on RvW” check marks is enough so long as she doesn’t have unforgivable and uncovered scandal that comes up during the confirmation period

    And who are we kidding about “not confirming a SCOTUS during an executive branch primary year? That sort of crap is used when convenient. So long as it is LEGAL and within the B&W definition of the constitution, why would any political party waste a chance to not get a win while its party is on the verge of a 4-8 downturn? They know that their appointee will attempt to appear politically independent and make rulings against the party that appointed her just to appear respectable. She isn’t nearly as brazen as Trump. And, over time, she will homogenize her thinking with her peers after a few years.
    This is purely to save face and keep some amount of respectability for the original CORE GOP base while the party goes into hibernation after the Covid aftermath and (likely) DEM ruled congress and WH.
    Plus, Romney doesn’t’ have to eat his own words about SCOTUS appointments like MITCH or LINDSAY

  8. This is funny as two people in my reserve unit were worried that Romney would go against a pick due to not liking Trump. I told them that opposing an appointment on the court which could serve for the next 30 years is not something you do for spite. A personal vendetta versus a legacy is no contest for the pragmatic and pragmatic goes with wealthy

  9. Obama: elections have consequences – January 23, 2009

    Obama, RBG: the president has the right to nominate a justice

    McConnell: you will regret this and maybe sooner than you think – (on "nuking" the filibuster) November 21, 2013

    Lindsey Graham: You reap what you sow (on democrats' smear campaign on Kavanaugh)
    So yeah, no sympathy whatsoever

  10. TDS, er "resistance", hearts breaking – hahaha, Good to hear that Romney has gotten past his TDS for this. Let the salt-mining commence.
    I think Lagoa would have been the better choice {if Identity politics is the game they are going to play, then undermine that game with someone they can't try to defame with identity politics attacks}, but ok. We'll just have to put up with the usual "Handmaids Tale" freak out melodrama horseshit….as if Roe v Wade would get overturned and as if Roe v Wade is those only thing that exists in the universe and there are no other important issues that affect people's lives outside of that. {rolls eyes} And as if a person cannot separate their personal views form jurisprudence. {rolls eyes} But I guess when you have no actual defensible argument play the "Handmaids Tail" freak out melodrama. Conversely, if that's the play they try to make – then that proves they have no actual substantive argument.

  11. In the end I blame the Democrats. They should have fought harder to get an appointment during Obama. Same goes for Trump. if they hadn't rig the primary I think a lot of people would have come out to vote for Bernie that voted for Trump. They are so inept I feel like it must be on purpose.

  12. Wait. Saagar is pro life?! I'll never understand men being pro life. It's not your body. It's only your business if it's your baby. You don't agree with abortion? Don't have one. Don't agree to one with your partner. Simple.

  13. Your right were going conservative mitt Romney pissed us off on the impeachment issue and we let him know again would get him run out of the state im sure glad to see him backing our president

  14. As much as Utah Mormons and Mittens hate Donald Trump, they are still Republicans at the end of the day. Mormons want that abortion decision overturned and they aren't going to miss a chance to do it. Saagar nailed it. They are conservatives and very pro-life. Liberals just REALLY have to learn how to do political calculus before they get their hopes up.

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