Krystal and Saagar REACT To Woodward Bombshell: Are Trump's Comments Unforgivable?

Krystal and Saagar REACT To Woodward Bombshell: Are Trump's Comments Unforgivable?

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to reports that President Trump deliberately downplayed the severity of the coronavirus.

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  1. So talk about how small it would have to be for it to travel through air when medical professionals tell us it can't be airisalised, then talk about pushing Not 95% masks instead of requiring all mask manufacturing be Prevent 100(99.97%) and CDC's own guidance that trying to stop a virus with a mask is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chainlink fence. After that maybe talk about this idea of the herd immunity being so impossible because of the deficiencies of the human immune system that it's more fatal, and yet somehow completely bypassing the immune system with a needle will magically make it "not fatal" somehow? And maby if you were not so corrupt, you would talk about Japan being open already and the slogan "life with covid".

  2. Interesting. I am just not sure how to judge someone on a pandemic like this. I never held Obama to the fire for swine flu or Bush for the 911 response. Guess I am understanding the difficulty of a situation like these events. I don't believe for a minute Trump or any other President in the USA has ever wanted to hurt the people. He should have leveled with us though, for sure and we will just have to see how people react to this if they even care.

  3. Uhh what I'm trying to figure out, trump has his opinion, fauci seemed to be running the show on quarantine of the public then the governor's seemed to be telling the people what they can do. So we got to lock down by our states.

    So I'm trying to figure out how trump has any influence on the outcome of where we u guys, gotta use a little critical thinking kids.

  4. No, Saagar you did not know how serious was this virus and so many Americans at that time and the the way that you trying to depend Trump is stupid and misleading us … sorry but I think you are just one of Trumps sicophants.

  5. "If you know the news, even if it's bad news, you can deal with it a lot easier than, uh, this chaos …" Isn't Woodward a news man? Did he try and inform the public back in March, or did he wait until now as his book is coming out?

  6. So if the virus last for 3 years everyone in lock down except the peacful riots /looting/murder and fire . Every country in the world is having problems dealing with this . Joe was worried about his empathy for Big Daddy China . Now that sounds like a winner to me lol

  7. If you were keeping up, in February it was said to be 5% and it turned out it wasn’t.

    ..and if you were keeping up you would have seen Livestream video Trump asking about masks at the 3M tour: M95 and M99 are effective, and no other, it makes no difference if you wear another mask except if it reminds you to keep a distance or not touch your face or eyes.

    ..and we want health care people to have the N95 and N99 masks until we produce sufficient numbers masks.

  8. Biden says that 200 Million people died in America, but in the whole world less than 1 million people have died including the US-

    On Feb 2, 2020 the senate were prepearing for the impeachment. which was more deadly than the virus?

  9. I find this notion of blaming corona on Trump to be very weak. The left and even The Hill are criticizing him for not acting sooner, but what about the democrats who were saying it's xenophobic to temporarily halt flights to and from china, or Pelosi saying we should all go out to Chinatown and hug an Asian. How about those absurdities?

  10. when are you all going to start blaming dr. Fouch and dr. Burks for not warning the public what do you think President Trump has a medical degree what do you think he's an epidemiologist what do you think he's a virologist what do you think he has a crystal ball at to predict the future come on you guys

  11. What they say can be transmitted, CANNOT!

    It’s not difficult to understand why, if you know how to use your brain and research.

    This video is absolute propagandist BS!

    These people are NOT to be trusted.

  12. Krystal's dress game is on some Joichiro Yukihira shit. She's out here facing the storm, pushing the boundaries of what people consider a nice dress.

    Also, Trump and Biden are the same type of evil. Bababooey, bababooey.

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