Krystal and Saagar React: BREAKING brutal polls for Trump show it's not 2016 again

Krystal and Saagar React: BREAKING brutal polls for Trump show it's not 2016 again

Krystal and Saagar discuss new polling results between Trump and now official Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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  1. The polls are so contrived, where they are taken, some are only of 1000 people in a particular district, it is all game and decieve…to try to set a narrative, it would not matter which, the polls cannot be trusted and many Conservatives refuse to do polls.. it will be the VOTE where you hear from them.

  2. … why are you believing the polls? And than you believe the polls from CNN, MSNBC, and other partisan hacks that are known liars… Narrow Margin for Hillary was a 95% chance to win the election.

  3. You are correct. The virus is not Trumps fault, however, the cause of the protests partially are.
    He has shown a complete lack of leadership and one could almost argue is he deliberately sowing the seeds of chaos.
    Of course one cannot control nature but you can control how you react and handle it. Under his "leadership" the country is in the state it is.
    And of course instead of anyone taking responsibility it is always someone else fault. Boo hoo, the democrats, boo hoo, antifa, boo hoo I am a whiny snowflake.
    A real leader takes responsibility for their actions. It is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. Trump displays no leadership qualities (unless you are pro-chaos, then yes, he is).

    p.s. I say he is partially responsible because a leader that cares for all the people of the country would have been pro-actively addressing the system racism issue instead of fanning the flames.

  4. Yes Biden is UP right now because things are going badly in the country and the media is blaming trump of course. Trump is also taking many unpopular political positions . Let’s see if he can reverse course

  5. Blah, Blah, Blah….anyone remember what All the polls, Hollywood celebs, political analysts and news networks said all the way up to election night before?
    99% of the news organizations are owned by the same 6 or 7 corps. I don't believe anything that I hear on the news anymore…including Fox.

  6. Brutal? ALL within the margin of error🙄. Silent majority….Not that we believe polls. I’m hearing on the ground, people are seeing the media hate for what it is. Can’t wait for the debates. LOL!!!

  7. A. It is too early, and B. The polls tend to skew Democrat and aren't always accurate. We brought up 2016 ad nauseum so let's bring up other examples
    1980: At this point in 1980, Carter held a big lead and days before the election, Carter and Reagan were polled into a dead heat. The media brushed it off as "Reagan ran away with it at the end". Reagan of course won in a blowout
    1988: Dukakis at this point had a big lead over Bush, 17 in July. Bush didn't start leading until September (he was shown in the lead eventually but not in the summer)
    2004: Bush wins the popular vote with a larger lead than expected (albeit by less than 3 points). Of course, in the deciding state of Ohio, polls showed Kerry leading in Ohio. Bush won the state by over 100,000 votes

  8. You do some really great reporting. Why do you even bother with polls? If the MSM is going to tow the line on Russia, do you think they're telling the truth on the way the polls were conducted? Poor form, Hill. Do a better job.

  9. F the polls. I think we should get rid of them. When we hear that we are doing great it just makes people not go out and vote. If I were a corrupt media organization- I’d report the opposite. Biden is down 40 points blah blah

  10. We really need Tulsi but the Democrats screwed he out of her chance, Bernie is to worried about not being chastised by his peers to the point of giving away his chance SO WHERE'S JESSIE

  11. That's the purpose of saying "Hillary's up by 12 points in Wisconsin" to discourage you from even wasting your time and voting. Trump squeaked out the win in Wisconsin. The "media" just projects their wishes and fantasies in polling.

  12. Oh, okay. So poll numbers make up the entirety of today’s narrative. And who were once essential: the first responders, the police, who keep order, the thin blue line, the once essential men and women are now NONESSENTIAL. The democrat party will turn on ANYBODY. Be careful about what you say, you two. You can be removed and cancelled in an instant. I for one love your show. Keep it up!!

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