Krystal and Saagar REACT: Biden tells Breakfast Club 'You ain't black' if you consider voting Trump

Krystal and Saagar REACT: Biden tells Breakfast Club 'You ain't black' if you consider voting Trump

Krystal and Saagar discuss Joe Biden’s interview on the Breakfast Club with Charlamagne tha god where Biden says, “If you got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump then you ain’t Black.”

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  1. Social security under attack. I am no biden support we. But trump is ending social security. Just Google, What is Trump doing to social security. He has not denied it. Check it out.

  2. “If you vote for Trump, you ain’t Black.” -Joe Biden

    Google: Kentucky AG: Biden ‘Can’t tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin’

    Google: Biden: If You Don't Vote for Me, 'You Ain't Black'

    Google: Biden Says "You Ain't Black" If You Vote For Trump

    Google: You Ain't Black If You Don't Vote Biden? | Ep. 1017

    Google: Joe Biden Says, "You Ain't Black" | Hafeez Baoku

    Google: Joe Biden apologises after saying black voters considering Donald Trump 'ain't black'

    African Americans have a right to vote for whoever they want. No one should be TOLD what they must do.

    The Democrats fought in the Civil War to KEEP Blacks as slaves.

    The Republicans fought and died to FREE the Blacks.

    Biden has already admitted he will SHUT DOWN the economy if his So-Called scientists tell him to, AKA Dr. Fauci.

  3. Let me think. According to you, Mr. Biden, who vote for you are smart and who vote for president Trump are stupid. "You ain't black"? Not Black means White, Asian-American, Latinos. Are you telling me that White, Asian-American and Latino are stupid? Come on, man. You have insulted not only my bro African-American but also the Asian American, the Latino and the White as well. Go back to your hiding spot, Sir.

  4. Politics makes my skin crawl. Its a circus filled with liars and manipulators only concerned with getting reelected and looking good on camera. When is the last time someone who actually gave a dam got elected.

  5. If you guys vote for that satanist I would be disappointed in America, I’m not even American but I rather vote for trump. DO NOT LISTEN TO MEDIA FOLKS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

  6. So, here's the big question, how is it that we didn't get any protests and riots for his comment? Yes, he apologized, how many more times he's gonna make this racist remarks and apologize over and over?

  7. Me: looks down oh shit i coulda swore i was black when i woke up this morning but ol panderin joe says i aint black if i dont vote for him. Smh. What a joke, how long are the democrats gona keep pushing this idiot onto us as a viable presidential candidate? Dude cant put 2 sentences together without stuffing his foot into his mouth.

  8. I don’t watch this channel at all but for some reason It gets recommended to me like crazy.
    I just want to say that this is easily the most important and completely inadvertent pro-trump channel on Youtube.

  9. This is why I vote Republican, policies are another, and the Dems have the policy of China, Russia, and North Korea, not an American value to be found in the Democrat's party.
    The party of lies, corruption, and fraud.

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