Krystal and Saagar: Protests ERUPT after Atlanta police shooting, here's what we know

Krystal and Saagar: Protests ERUPT after Atlanta police shooting, here's what we know

Krystal and Saagar discuss the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta.

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  1. This guy resisted arrest, was violent with the police and stole a taser. Those cops have no idea who this guy is and for all they knew he was gonna attack civilians with the taser. This situation is nothing like George Floyd.

  2. 3:31 this jackass says police are allowed to arrest intoxicated people driving a vehicle…… that man was not driving he was SLEEPING in his vehicle and he offered to walk to his nearby home which the video didnt show…. these cops are just looking for any excuse to kill a black man and idiots like Saagar are out here defending them

  3. Other countries and mentions 1. The other countries she could mention all have 2 things in common, European countries aka western culture and all majority white…. Same thing as Bernie saying other countries have socialized healthcare….

  4. There are far too many cops in the suburbs. Motorists are freaking out today with cops lying in wait and stalking over minutia. Their aim is to bring in more money to our corrupt and heavy handed municipal courts where poor people are terrorized and even jailed if they can't cough up the money. Plus, all police departments in America use ALPR which keeps your vehicle under surveillance and keeps track of your movements and entraps poor folk who haven't paid their registration fee or those with an unpaid parking ticket. We've all must get very loud about these overdue changes which we demand . We will not continue to accept the abuse of the law enforcement community.

  5. "Not armed with a lethal weapon" do they realize you could actually kill somebody with a police taser 🤦🏻‍♂️ ooh and this isn't my opinion. Its the opinion of the District Attorney who just charged the officer with murder and in a previous case of charging another officer he referred to the taser as a deadly weapon.

  6. This lady has no clue…First off she says Dylann Roof was able to be capture alive however she doesn't talk about Emanuel Samson
    (Nor does the rest of the media) who was a black guy that went to a white Church in Tennessee and did the same thing as dylann roof and yes he was captured alive… another thing, what happens if the suspect tasers the officer incacitating him and takes the police officer's gun.

  7. Reporters like Krystal should be fired, acting like they know proper police techniques. She has no idea what a taser can do. She ought to have someone try it on her and see what she thinks about tasers after that.

  8. He was driving a vehicle under the influence. He was convicted in 2014 of 4 felonies which included cruelty to his own children. Did he deserve to die? No way, but when you are on probation and blow a .108 and know you're going back to prison, you will do anything to get away. Sad situation on both sides. We all know whatever the outcome of the trial will be, Atlanta will burn down

  9. Um, a taser is a weapon. Non lethal in most cases, but definitely a weapon. Shooting him 4 times is unjustified. Call in back up. Your partner can get in the squad car and follow him while your lazy ass runs after him.

  10. We must admit the wrongs here or lose all moral ground. Before saying tasers are non-lethal, read up on what a taser can do, and what if the cop is stunned and Rayshard picks up a gun. Not to mention DRUNK DRIVING KILLS. He was no saint. What we should point to is the question of Why shit went bad, What could the cops do differently, and How much can you expect a drunk person to be fully rational? Question the killing, not why the cop pulled a gun, hell this is fuel for Bidens "shoot 'em in the leg".

  11. I usually agree with Krystal more than with Saagar, but that statistics from UK is irrelevant because, as Saagar said, US and that 2nd amendment right complicates things (foreigner here, so that love for guns is weird for me). Also, in these time of BLM, maybe put this hypothetical every time you analyze a police incident – if the person involved was white, how would that have ended?
    Trevor Noah's perspective on this incident is a bit different, try that one.
    PS On comparing US with other countries, years ago John Oliver did a segment on gun control in Australia and he interviewed an American gun lobbyist – the guy considered Australia another planet, while US is 'the real world'. (The Daily Show – Gun Control Whoop-de-doo – for a smile).

  12. For Saager to suggest that 7/10 murders by cop involve a deadly weapon ignores that EVERY time we see police reports about incidents, there is CLEARLY FALSE information in them. You must question "police" statistics.

  13. Saagar's viewpoint on police brutality is exactly why the statistics in the US will never change and the reason why conservatives give police all the immunity they could ever want. Yes, the police had the right to arrest him since he was drunk and behind the wheel. No, he should not have resisted arrest and Yes, the police needed to use some level of force to arrest him BUT at the point when he is running away – this is the point when you cannot shoot him using live ammunition. He is literally not a threat to you anymore. That is specifically the reason that the police have the taser.

  14. 7 out of 10 is terrible when we are talking about lives. So in police shootings, 30% of the people being shot do not even have a deadly weapon. Not only that but how many times have we seen the police falsify reports and plant evidence…. the actual static could be as high as 50% of the time police use deadly force against unarmed subjects.

  15. 7 out of 10 with a deadly weapon is 3 out of ten without and on a avg would still mean in that one month in march 2016 we still had 30 killings by police in ONE MONTH where UK had 50 in all those years

  16. Did you know that joggers are eight times more likely to resist arrest? So how about this: stop doing stupid shit; stop punching officers and stealing their weapons! Teach your children to be contributing members to society instead of bringing them up with a huge chip on their shoulder and how to be perpetual victims. It really is not that complicated.

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